July 2017 recent IELTS speaking questions and recommended responses (topics: Politeness, Vegetable or plant)


  1.   Who teach you to be polite

Answer: Apparently, the people who taught me good manners are my parents. I can still remember when my mom taught me how to say “Please” and “Thank you” when I was about 3 years old. Most importantly, they are polite to people so growing up with good parents is something I am proud of. To an extent, they still remind me today to be kind to people.

Answer Overview:

  • Introduction
  • Reason and Example
  • Linking Phrase (Most importantly)
  • Summary (To an extent)


  1.    How do Chinese people show politeness

Answer: Well, I would say that politeness is one of the most important qualities Chinese people possess. The most common way we show politeness to someone is by being respectful to elders. Take me as an example, I often talk to my parents politely or to people who is older than me. As a result, they look up to me as a good person.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (Well, I would say that)
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (The most common way..)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)
  • Summary (As a result)


  1.    What rules of politeness have changed in your country?

Answer: That’s an interesting question! I haven’t notice any changes when it comes to the rules but I can guess that some people now a days are impolite due to their upbringing and lifestyle. In fact, it breaks my heart to know that bad manners are taking over good deeds. For instance, some people borrow money from others and don’t return the money back on time. This is very impolite and can damage friendship.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Introductory phrase (That’s an interesting question! )
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (The most common way..)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)
  • Summary (As a result)



The cue card for Vegetable or Plant falls under the OBJECT/ITEM category, however, this topic cannot be describe under an object like a piece of clothing or a kind of gift. Therefore, we created an independent answer for this cue card.

Cue Card:

Describe a kind of vegetable or plant

You should say:

What it is

How you first learned about this plant

Where it grows

And explain whether you like it or not



We are lucky to have different kinds of plants all around us. But today, I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite, it is a fruit and also a vegetable of which we eat almost everyday. I am pertaining to the tomato plant, which is found in all regions of China and all around the world. I have several reason as to why I like tomato very much. The first thing I would like to mention is, we use tomato in almost all kind of dishes. An example for this is a vegetable salad, we can mix it with other green leafy vegetables.  In addition to that, I love tomatoes that are cooked with eggs because we can add a twist to our simple omelet by adding this fruit. On the other hand, there are varieties of tomatoes in my country, as a matter of fact, I have even grown tomato plants in my kitchen garden. However, only few people know that the leaves and stem of the tomato is toxic. You know, they contain a certain substance, which can cause death if taken in large quantity. What is more, even the raw or green tomato has a small bit of toxicity. On the contrary, tomato is a rich source of  vitamins and good nutrients so I strongly suggest that it should be eaten but we must avoid consuming the leaves and stems. All in all, tomato is very beneficial to our health which cannot only serve as a vegetable but can also be a fruit.


Answer Overview:
The tomato topic falls under the category of  an OBJECT/ITEM  theme. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer, you can see several important ideas mentioned such as examples where tomatoes are used, the benefits and some facts about it. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.


Linking Words & Phrases used:

  • I would like to talk to you about, I am pertaining to, The first thing I want to mention is, An example for this is, In addition to that, On the other hand, However, You know, What is more, On the contrary, so I strongly suggest that, All in all



  1. Do people in your country like growing plants by themselves?

Answer: Well, I would say it depends, this may vary from the geographical location. You know, for people in the suburbs they most likely grow their own crops because they have a wide space like a barn or a plantation to grow their plants. What’s more, this can ensure the quality of food is fresh especially vegetables and fruits like cabbage, carrots and strawberries. Another reason is that, they make this as a primary source of income, they sell their products on public market in town. Basically, this is where most people make money.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I would say that)
  • First point, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (What’s more)
  • Additional Point, Linking phrase(Another reason is that)
  • Opinion, Linking word (basically)


  1. Where do people grow plants?

Answer: There are several places where people plant their crops. The most common is the rice field, I can say that it’s the best place to grow your plants because of the fact that rice fields has good soil quality and is sufficient for sunlight especially those plants that requires direct sunlight such as rice, corns, etc. But for some, they usually grow their plants on their back yard, they make a small area to plant some crops and some area to grow their flowers. Take my grandma as an example, she has a small backyard where she garden her plants everyday. She has varieties of tomatoes and  flowers in it.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, Linking phrase (The most common is) Reason, Linking Phrase (because of the fact that)
  • Example, Linking phrase (especially those)
  • Second Point, Linking phrase(But for some)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take my grandma as an example)


  1. What do you think is the most important plant in your country?

Answer: It is no doubt that paddy plant is the most essential plant in my country because rice is the main food in China. You know,  people in China eat rice or noodles as part of their heavy meal. According to my history class, in ancient China people found a solution to feed their stomach using some basic ingredients, it is then they invented fried rice which has become the most common part of Chinese people’s meal especially in the Southern area. I can tell that, it is not only an affordable meal but also a healthy meal as you can add vegetables and some seasoning to make it flavorful.  So I have the thought that if there is no enough supply of rice, most people will starve especially the needy ones.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (It is no doubt)
  • First point, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Example, Linking phrase (According to my history class)
  • Additional example’s point, Linking phrase (I can tell that)
  • Opinion, Linking phrase (So I have the thought that)


  1. Do you want to be a farmer in the future?

Answer: Farming is a decent job, I highly respect them and without farmers we will have no supply of crops, however, in my personal view point, I don’t think it is a suitable job for me due to the reason that I want to be a good doctor. I have been an aspiring doctor since I was a kid and may parents have been very supportive about it. The main reason why I want to be a doctor is because I want to help cure diseases all over China and to help spread health awareness to people. I respect farmers but being a farmer is not something I have thought of doing in the future.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, Linking phrase (however, in my personal view point)
  • Reason, linking phrase (due to the reason that)
  • Another Point, Linking phrase(The main reason why)
  • Opinion
  1. What do you think of farmers?

Answer: Well, honestly speaking I have a high respect to our farmers and I have few points to justify my opinion. First thing is that, farming is a difficult task, it takes so much energy and patience. As we know, farming is a physical job where it requires you to carry heavy crops and equipment, dig the soil, water the plants, etc. Another point here is that, they only earn less but still they are contented of their life. They feel blessed when they have good and abundant crops as they can make a living and serves as their source of food as well. So, I must say that the government must also pay attention to our farmers’ need because they serve an important role in our industry. Without them we will have no supply of vegetables and fruits.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking Phrase (Well, honestly speaking)
  • First point, Linking phrase (First thing is that)
  • Reason, linking phrase (As we know)
  • Additional, Linking phrase(Another point here is that)
  • Opinion, Linking Phrase (So, I must say that)

July 2017 Latest IELTS speaking part 3 questions and recommended answers (Cafes, restaurants & Coffee)


  1.  Why do people go to coffee houses?

Answer: Well, as you know, there are more and more people in coffee shops now a days and there are several reasons for this. The first reason I can think of is coffee shops provide convenience on your leisure time. For instance, you don’t have to clean the house before someone comes to visit, just go to a coffee shop and enjoy with no pressure. Another reason for that is you can pass the time in a coffee shop, as long as you drink the coffee you can stay as long as you want. There are no waitresses rushing you off so that they can seat someone else. Also, the couches are comfy and the coffee is usually good. Take me as an example, I usually go to the coffee shop when meeting my friends, I won’t get bored and I can enjoy myself while waiting.

Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response, Linking phrase (Well, as you know)
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (The first reason I can think of is), Reason
  • Example from the first point, Linking Phrase (For instance)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (Another reason for is that), Reason
  • Example from the second point (Take me as an example)


  1. 2. What are the differences between cafes and restaurants?

Answer: I have to say that, the difference between a cafe and a restaurant is usually not very distinct. First of all,  a cafe generally offers a light, casual environment, wherein you can stay outside, sip on beverages and eat lunch or snacks. Here’s an example, most coffee shop in China has cozy environment usually situated in a discreet location where people can sit, eat, drink and chat with each other. As opposed to a restaurant, it is a dining establishment that usually offers much more varied service, a formal environment, and is designed around the idea of the ‘meal’, usually dinner. Such as Taco bell, it is a famous restaurant where they serve huge meals from breakfast to dinner course.

Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response, Linking phrase (I have to say that)
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (First of all), Reason
  • Example from the first point, Linking Phrase (Here’s an example)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (As opposed to), Reason
  • Example from the second point (Such as)


  1. Do Chinese people like to drink coffee?

Answer: Well, I would say yes, but probably not as much as the many Westerners crowing about the ever-increasing number of Starbucks. This is for the fact that, most traditional Chinese folks prefer drinking tea as it is healthier, it cleanses our internal organs and has more health benefits than coffee. As a matter of fact, in most Chinese restaurants, they serve tea as a complimentary drink. On the other hand, there are also Chinese people who love coffee as it seems to be addictive and can make their mood better. An example for that is my father, he cannot start his day without drinking coffee because it gives him energy and positive mood whenever he drinks it.







Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response, Linking phrase (Well, I would say yes)
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (That is for the fact that), Reason
  • Example from the first point, Linking Phrase (As a matter of fact)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (On the other hand), Reason
  • Example from the second point (An example for that is my father)


  1. Do Chinese people like social activities?

Answer: We cannot deny that people in China love to partake in a wide range of Chinese sports, games, and leisure activities, which you can observe during a stroll in the park or at traditional festivals or competitions. The first point here is that Chinese people like to spend their free time outdoors as much as possible. For instance, parents will take their children outside. You will find Chinese parks full of people, both young and old, from dawn to dusk, engaging in various Chinese sports and leisure activities. Another point here is that Chinese people are very sociable and would rather spend time with others than alone. The activities they enjoy in their free time also usually involve some movement, keeping them more active and healthier than many of their Western counterparts. Common examples of these activities are having a family picnic, a family outing on the beach, or a club party.


Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response, Linking phrase (We cannot deny that)
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (The first point here is), Reason
  • Example from the first point, Linking Phrase (For instance)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (Another point here is that), Reason
  • Example from the second point (Common examples of these activities are)