2017 July Recent IELTS speaking exam questions and suggested answers (Daily Routine, moving home & school)


  1.   What part of your day do you like best?

Answer:  I am a morning person so I would say morning is my favorite part of the day most likely because it signifies a new day and a new beginning. There are times when I have a bad day but I always think about the quote that says, “Tomorrow is another day”.  In a word, waking up every morning is the best feeling ever.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Reason, Linking phrase (most likely because)
  • Personal Example
  • Summary, Linking Phrase (In a word)


  1. What’s your daily routine?

Answer: As I have mentioned I am a morning person so obviously I start my day with a cup of coffee, breakfast and a good shower then everything follows. Apparently, I go to school on weekends so I normally go back home to do my homework and take a rest while I go out for a friends’ date on weekends or spend time with my family. Pretty much I have a simple and happy lifestyle.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Phrase (As I have mentioned)
  • Answer, Linking phrase (so obviously )
  • Additional points, Linking word (Apparently)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (Pretty much)


  1. What is the busiest part of the day for you?

Answer:   To be honest everyday is a busy day for me but I am normally occupied in the morning because of the reason that I usually rush about everything especially during school days. You know, I sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning. Basically, I have to get up at 5am, make my breakfast, prepare my things, take a shower and ride my bicycle to school.  Over all, I have to speed up every morning.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Phrase (To be honest)
  • Reason, Linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Example, linking phrase (You know)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (Over all)
  1. What’s the difference of routine between you and your teenager’s times?

Answer:    Well, I can say that there’s a huge difference between my life back then and my present life. You know, when I was a teenager I was irresponsible about my everyday lifestyle because of the fact that I have nothing to worry about apart from my school work, also, my parents were there to take care of me. As opposed to my life now, my routine and time management has become more strict. Ever since I stepped into college things got tough especially that I have to live on my own  now. I have learned to be independent and become more responsible with my personal life and school life. Such as sleeping early and waking up early in the morning


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Phrase (Well, i can say that)
  • First point, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Additional point, linking phrase (because of the fact that)
  • Second point, Comparative phrase (As opposed to)
  • Example, Linking phrase (Such as)


    Describe a time when you moved to a new home or school

    You should say:

    When it happened and what it was

    Who were with you

    What you did in this event

    And how you felt about it



    Well, I think this topic is quite easy for me to discuss because of the reason that I have moved to several places twice for the past 10 years. But today I would like to talk about a time when we moved to a new home back when I was in high school. You know, I used to live in a very small and crowded apartment with my parents like my old bedroom was the size of my bathroom right now. In 2014, my parents decided to buy a bigger and newer home which is situated near the city center. The good thing is that, they invited my grandparents to come live with us because my grandparents were getting old and needed to be cared for. I felt really blissful because of the fact that it is the first time living as a big family, on the contrary, it took for all of us to get used of each other’s habits. Perhaps, my grandparents sleep and wake up early in the morning while I do the opposite and they often scold me for that but as the days passes by they got used to it. Overall, the new house is great, it’s spacious, the rooms have great lighting and we bought lots of beautiful furniture. The big environment was a lot better as well, the complex we live in has great landscaping and the view is wonderful. In a word, I’m very glad we moved to this new house and I supposed we will be living here forever.


    Answer Overview:

    The new home topic falls  under the category of  a SITUATION/ACTIVITY. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer above, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the date, description, family situation, and appearance of the place. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

    Linking Words or Phrases:

    • You know, because of the reason that, because of the fact that, the good thing is that, Perhaps, while, Overall, In a word



  1. Do people like to live in big houses or small houses?

Answer: There is no doubt that people prefer to live in a huge house simply because of the fact that it can provide a wider space. The first reason is because a huge house is spacious it make you feel comfortable and free as you can decorate your home with furniture. In addition to that you can move around easily without the feeling of being suffocated. More than that is having a huge house make people think that you have a high status. The truth is, houses in China are very expensive especially in the city, so most people with high status in life normally live in luxurious houses.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (There is no doubt that)
  • First Point, Linking phrase (The first reason is because)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (In addition to that)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (More than that)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (The truth is)


  1. Where do old people like to live, city or countryside?

Answer:   It is obvious that most senior citizen will choose to live in the suburbs because of several reasons. First reason is that, they want a simple lifestyle where they can reflect on their personal interest. Perhaps, they are happy gardening their backyard, watching TV news or reading news paper on the balcony. Second reason is because, they prefer a peaceful environment as they easily get irritated with noises. They more likely want to listen to the chirping birds in the morning or the crickets in the evening.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (it is obvious that)
  • First point, linking phrase (First reason is that)
  • Additional point, linking phrase (In addition to that)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Second reason is that)
  • Additional point


  1. Do you like to move house frequently?

Answer:    Of course not, transferring from one house to another is a difficult task. First of all, moving to another place takes a lot of time and effort. We have to pack our things, send it to the new address and re-arrange it. Next thing is that, it cost a lot of money because of the reason that we have to pay an advance payment for the new place. Also, we have to consider paying the transport fee for moving our stuffs. It is very inconvenient to keep moving from one place to another.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, Linking phrase (First of all)
  • Additional information
  • Second point, linking phrase (Next thing is that)
  • Additional information, Linking word (Also)


  1. Why do people in your country choose to move home?

Answer:  Well, there are several instances why people transfer from one house to another. One thing I can think of is, they look for a better employment that could offer them career advancement and a higher salary wage. Take me as an example, I live in Kunming but I decided to move in Beijing because they offer twice as much as I earn in Kunming. Second reason is because, some people move because of marriage. In China, once you get married you must separate from your parents and find a place to stay in but there are still some people who prefer to live with their parents in one roof.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First Point, Linking phrase (One thing I can think of is)
  • Example, Linking phrase (Take me as an example)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (Second reason is that)
  • Additional Point

July 2017 Recent IELTS Speaking questions and recommended band 7 responses (Happy Marriage


Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage

You should say:

Who they are

How you got to know them

How long they have been married

And explain what do you think of them



Well, I know several happy couples out there including my parents who has a great relationship, however, today I want to talk about my cousin and his wife. You know, they have been married for almost twenty years now and whenever I see them they always seem to be cheerful and still in-love. I must say that there are bunch of reasons for their healthy relationship. First thing I want to mention is that, they have a lot of common interest such as their passion in music. Whenever I go to their home, I frequently watch them play music together, in fact, they are a perfect combination when it comes to this matter because my cousin plays piano while my sister-in-law plays guitar and both can sing very well. The most interesting thing is that, they both work in the same hospital because they are both professional doctors. However, the most important thing is that they share the household chores together, they work as a team as they help each other at home on a quite regular basis. My cousin cooks delicious food while my sister-in-law  wash the dishes. So I get the impression that they treat each other very well. In addition to that, I’ve noticed that my cousin always drives his wife to and from work every single day. All in all, there’s no doubt that they’re really happy together, and I think they’re actually great role models on keeping a marriage strong and healthy.


Answer Overview: 
The cousin and wife topic falls under the category of  a PERSON theme. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the couples interest, activities they do together, their profession and their daily routine. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

Linking Words & Phrases used: 

  • However, today I want to talk about, You know, I must say that, First thing I want to mention is that, in fact, the most interesting thing is that, In addition to that, All in all



  1. Do you often attend weddings?

Answer: I seldom attend weddings, very seldom this is for the reason that it’s not everyday or every month that my friends or relatives get married. Hence, when I need to attend a wedding ceremony I never miss it since it’s just once in a lifetime experience. As a matter of fact, the last time I attended a wedding was couple of years ago. It was my friends wedding and the experience was impeccable primary because I got to see her in a beautiful wedding gown and I was able to meet my former classmates as well. We had so much fun!

Answer Overview:

  • Response
  • Reason, Linking phrase (This is for the reason that)
  • Point, Linking word (Hence)
  • Fact, Linking phrase (As a matter of fact)
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (primary because)


  1. What wedding gifts are popular in China?

Answer: In my home country, money is the most well-known gift in a wedding. Let me elaborate my answer,  Chinese people are wise when it comes it to gift giving due to the reason that they want the receiver to spend the money on things they need and like. Instead of giving them things like clothes or appliances, sometimes these things don’t suit people and might end up giving it to others or stocking it at home. Another point I want to tell you about is, it’s part of our tradition. You know, we put the money in a red envelope called “Hongbao” to give the receiver a good luck and fortune. So basically, couples receive plenty of money during their wedding day.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (Let me elaborate my answer)
  • Additional point (Instead of giving them ……)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Another point I want to tell you about is)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (You know)


  1. What do you think is the perfect age for marriage?

Answer: That’s an interesting question! Well, In my personal point of view, 27 to 30 years old is the best age for marriage for the reason that people have stable job and possibly be financially stable. Generally, most people graduate from the university before 25 years old and by then they could start hunting a job. One more thing is that, being a young parent can connect to their children when it comes to modern society situations. You know, now a days most parents have generation gap which causes misunderstanding of lifestyle and interest. Take me as an example, my dad often scolds me for hanging out with my friends every weekends, as a result, it leads to a small argument.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (Let me elaborate my answer)
  • Additional point (Instead of giving them ……)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Another point I want to tell you about is)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (You know)


  1. Why do Chinese people like to go to celebrations like wedding ceremony?

Answer: There are bunch of reasons as to why they like attending wedding occasions. First thing is that, Chinese people like going to wedding occasions because of the reason that this is a once in a lifetime special experience for couples. They want to be part of the most special day to witness their matrimony. Another main reason is that, wedding is also a way to gather family members and relatives that have been separated for a long time. Just like my cousin’s wedding 3 years ago, we gathered in a hotel like a family reunion.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (First thing is that)
  • Additional point (They want to be part ……)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Another point main reason is that)
  • Example