At First English, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration & team work. Please do share your exam questions with everyone here!

This is the best way for students to learn from each other, while at the same time, we could also provide you advice and guidance on how to effectively tackle these questions.

18 thoughts on “Recent Exam Questions

  1. Hi everyone, first of all, i want to let you know this site has been extremely helpful to me. Thank you very much
    I just wanted to share my speaking question: Perth WA 28-11-2015

    Introduction of myself

    What type of accomodation are you currently living in. Describe the type of house. Tell me something interesting about the home you are living in.

    What good advice have you received? Who was it from? How did you feel after?
    What advice will you give young people today?
    Do you think young people are receptive to advice?


    1. Hi Gabriel,

      Thank you for sharing! The questions you had were relatively straightforward so hopefully your content was fine. What is most important though, is the complexity of your responses (making sure you have plenty of linking phrases & redundant language). If you have used plenty of those, then you will sure achieve a reasonably well band. Good luck!


  2. Hi, i’ve just been back from my IELTS speaking test this Saturday in China. Here are the questions i was asked. Good luck to everyone!

    Part 1:
    1. What do you do now?
    2. Is it easy to do that job?
    3. Will you change your job in the future?
    4. Do you like going to museums?
    5. What kind of museums will you find attractive
    6. When going to museums, should you go alone or with groups?
    7. Have you collected anything?
    8. What is popular to collect in your country?

    Part 2: Talk about a good news (on newspapers or TV)
    Well I start talking about the content of the news and it may be over 2 mins coz the examiner stops me. Is it ok when i dont answer all the give prompts? just about the content?

    Part 3:

    ah I forgot but is about differences btw the way news are reported, how people access to information in the past and now.
    Its a moment when I was talking about the invention of new means of reporting. I said that it would be a TV where I could jump in the see how things happen and then get back to my home right after that. And the examiner just starts laughing (=)) ), I dont know whether I should be happy about that reactions or not.

    I think that I did well in that speaking test, I dont see the judge write anything during my talk, he just wrote numbers after each part, I see one number is 8 1/2. Hopefully its a good sign.


    1. Hi Hao Min,

      Thanks for sharing. Noted that your part 2 was stopped short by the examiner. Sometimes to prevent situation like this from happening is to make sure you do not go off tangent and stay on topic. Another good technique to use is to stick to the prompts you were given and use long, complex sentences.

      for your part 3 response, make sure you have used plenty of comparative techniques (comparison phrases) to bring out the differences between the past and the future (i.e. while on the other hand, however contrast that could be mentioned here is that..)

      good luck 🙂


  3. First of all, thank you you guys are awesome!
    i just did my speaking test in Sydney

    Part 1
    What kinds of food are popular in your country?
    Do you know the people who live next door to you?
    Is being late acceptable in your culture? (Why/why not)?

    Part 2

    Describe an ambition which you haven’t yet achieved. Please say
    -What is this ambition?
    -Why do you want to achieve this ambition?
    -When did you have this ambition?
    -why haven’t you achieved this ambition yet?

    Part 3

    in your opinion how does environment influence the work of any person?
    do you think there should be different work for different age?
    in your thoughts would it be helpful to do paid work in very early age?
    what is influence of work on someone’s life?


  4. konbanwa!

    i just had my test at tokyo center on the 28th November 2015

    my task 2 writing question was In many countries,the amount of crimes is increasing.what do you think are the main causes of crimes? How can we deal with those causes?

    good luck everyone 🙂


    1. hi Asuka. Hope this question was relatively straightforward to you.
      the body paragraph would have seen your 2nd paragraph listing out the causes + associated reasons. 3rd paragraph would have been potential solutions.


  5. hi everyone. i hope i did ok with my test. the task 2 writing question i remembered was this one:
    Someone believe that it’s wrong to keep animals in zoos, while others think that zoos are both entertaining and ecologically important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    and i think the task 1 was a chart about sport activities in 4 different countries.


    1. good question you had Minrye. Be sure to have a balanced response for this IELTS task 2, and then put in an opinion / thought at the conclusion. some ideas you may think about are small space, less freedom for animals, they will become domesticated vs. putting them in zoo would keep them safe, allow people to have a better understanding of them (and develop better care, responsibility for them).


  6. Hi everyone. Today I attended IELTS in Hanoi Vietnam and I would like to share exam questions
    1. Listening
    Section 1: quite easy, fill in the blank, conversation to ask for accommodation
    Section 2: quite challenging for me in 5 first questions when they describe a map :|, I always get confused with this type of questions. I should have practiced more
    Section 3: conversation between 2 students about something I don’t really remember, but they needs to evacuate something old. Anyway, I got stuck with multiple choice since they ask about the shared opinion of both students so I am afraid somehow I got mistakes. The 2nd half of this section is not really better when I have to fill in a process by using words from the box. Quite confusing at some stages
    Section 4: Luckily ít is much easier, the lecture is about how children affect the diet of the adults
    I don’t know whats wrong with my listening test because this is the skill that i put the greatest amount of time on. Usually I got 8.5 when doing practice listening test . I feel so terrible now

    2. Reading
    Passage 1 is about traditional landing method: question types are using words from the passage to fill in the blank. T/F/NG, matching information
    Passage 2: how people navigate , question types: matching people with statements, T/F/NG, multiple choice
    Passage 3: Oops, suddenly I forgot, so sorry

    3. Writing
    Task 1: there is a bar chart describing the percentage of unemployed people aged 14-25 in 5 countries in 2005 compared with the total unemployment.
    I don’t really know how to make a comparison between young unemployment rate and the total so I decided to put them into 2 different paragraphs. In each I wrote about the situation in each country. I tried to figure out which country had the highest rate, which had the lowest. Is it ok to organize like that?
    Task 2: Some people think that taxes should prioritize health care while others think there are more important things to prioritize. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    In this task I gave opinions on 2 views
    First health care: should prioritize because it directly affects health of taxpayers they feel fairly treated willing to pay taxes in the future. Besides, improvement in healthcare can reduce damage to environment. I supported thís idea by giving example of rhinos, which are put in danger because people misleadingly believe their horns can cure cancers once healthcare system advance less damage to nature.
    Second, instead of health care, education and environment should be in higher priority because they can indirectly affect healthcare . First, investments in education new ways of treatments can be invented, people know how to live healthily. Second, clean the environment protect ecosystem reduce severe and fatal diseases no need to rely too much on health care.
    In conclusion, investments in healthcare is good but in the long run should pay more attention to education and environment.


  7. May 2016 IELTS questions
    Writing Task 2
    People who are poor and from rural areas do not have access to University education. Universities should make a way to help such people study. To what extent do you agree?

    Writing Task 2 – May 2016
    Money for postgraduate research is limited. Therefore, some people think financial support from governments should only be provided for scientific research rather than less useful subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Writing Task 2 – May 2016
    Today, some people want to have their first child when they are older. What are the causes of this? Do the advantages of this development outweighed the disadvantages?

    Writing Task 2 – April 2016 (similar question appeared during May 2016. This is a recurrent theme)
    Money for post graduate research is limited.Government should fund only on scientific research and not in any other sectors. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


  8. i did my ielts exam last week during may 2016, and may part 2 speaking question was:

    Describe a family (not your own) you like. You should say:
    Whose the family this is
    Where they live
    Who are the family members
    and explain why you like this family

    i found it relatively straightforward, and i thank you for your advice, i made sure i used plenty of linking phrases & words so my sentences are nice, long and complex 🙂


  9. Hi everyone! these are the part 1, 2 & 3 IELTS speaking test questions i encountered during my test on the 6th May 2016:

    Speaking test, academic module
    Part 1

    Describe your home.
    what is your favorite place at home? why?
    what do you want to change at home?
    how much time do you spend at home?
    do you think the way you spent time at home has changed over the recent years?

    Part 2
    describe something you bought that pleased you. You should say:
    what did you buy
    When did you buy it
    Where did you buy it
    Why you bought it
    And describe why it really pleased you

    Part 3
    what are the ways people can purchase products?
    does marketing affect sales & people’s purchase pattern?
    do you think there should be a ban on cigarette ads?
    do you think people spend more on shopping?
    why do people prefer to go in shopping malls?

    good luck to you all on your upcoming IELTS tests!


  10. It seems you do not update the site nowadays. I am going to take IELTS exam two weeks later and will share the experience here.

    Looking forward to seeing some new content.



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