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February 2019 Latest IELTS Speaking Questions & Suggested Responses

Part 1

In which time do you prefer to work?

Actually, I suppose that for the most part I’d say that I function better in the morning and this due to the fact that I am energized since I’ve had a full rest. Another reason is that, working from a well-rested night would mean better brain operation. I guess, I would assume that being a morning person just goes well with my body clock.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Well you know, if I had to be honest, I would definitely say that I need as much sleep as I can. I would say this because I seriously consider sleep as pleasure and this is most likely because sleep can fully revitalize my body and mind. Hence, I must say that I need more than just 7-8 hours of sleep, if I had that opportunity to do so.

Do older people need more hours of sleep than younger people?

Well normally, we’d all assume that older people would not need as much sleep as younger people do but there have been researches that state otherwise. To be more precise, older people need the same hours of sleep as younger people do which is 7-9 hours. Unfortunately, older people struggle to sleep at night which is why they take more naps all throughout the day. Unlike, younger people who find it quite easy to fall asleep in the night. In conclusion, I would say that both young and old have just as much need for sleep but just differ on habit and lifestyle.


Part 2

Talk about a season that you prefer in a year.

What is it?

What you do during this season?

Explain why you prefer it over the other seasons?

Well to be honest, I would have to say that this would really depend on the situation to be more specific it would depend on the location. For instance, if you live in the southern part of a country where its warmer then its most likely that you’d prefer the Spring season which is quite honestly a comfortable season. While on the other hand living in the Northern regions could mean colder winters and autumn which is would more likely mean clothing layers just happen all year round.

Continuing to my next point which is about what season I prefer, I would have to say its summer because of the fact that I get that rare chance of wearing just a tshirt and bottoms. Whereas in most seasons, I have to put on a jacket and make sure that it doesn’t get too cold for me.

Drawing attention to what I do during summer season and I would just like to state that summer is personally the best time to do all the outdoor activities. But also, let’s not forget to mention that we should keep ourselves hydrated all the time since the sun’s temperature could be strong enough to make you sick if you stay out too long. Adding to this, summer is I think fun but can be uncomfortable due to the high humidity it usually brings.

As a final point, I prefer summer season over the other seasons because of the fact that I can wear summer dresses, sunnies and literally enjoy the sun. And I would just like to mention that summertime can give us this sun kissed glow which I really think looks good on everyone. And of course, summer allows us to go out and enjoy nature. In summary, I want to say I love summer because it’s a time to see bright colors which I think mean happy times.


Part 3

What is the importance of new developments in a city?

Well I suppose there quite a number of things I can tell why new developments in a city is important and I will start with the reality that when a city develops there’s an obvious increase of employment for the people. In short, progress means more jobs. Another thing I should emphasize is the economic status of a city enhances infrastructure and that will reflect on the people’s lifestyle. So to sum it all up, new developments can be of great impact to the people of the city and it affects all the necessary points of the society.

Why do some people prefer to live in a city?

Speaking for myself, I believe some people prefer to live in a city because its advantageous. To be more precise, the city provides better facilities such as hospitals, schools, work opportunities and better pay. These are all necessities that people feel should be readily available to everyone needing it. I should mention here that to live in the city could possibly give you a much better lifestyle especially if convenience is highly considered.

August 2018 IELTS Speaking Exam Questions & Recommended Responses

Part 1
Do you have good friends?

Actually, I’m not quite sure if I have good friends. But I can tell you that I have a few close friends, and they are people that I’ve known way back in primary school and  a few more I have met all throughout secondary and university days. We consult everything and keep almost no secrets from each other.


Do you like long trips? Why?

Certainly, I would definitely say I’m a big fan of long trips. But in particular, I generally prefer long trips to the countryside. This is probably because, I could see a lot of trees, mountains and various body of waters along the way and these things actually are very calming. And I shouldn’t forget to mention that countryside trips let you enjoy fresh air and allow you to enjoy a a relaxed atmosphere. I suppose the reason behind this has something to do with the fact that nature is definitely a natural stress reliever and gives you the chance to escape from the busy city life.


How often do you go for long trips?

To tell you the truth, I have to say that it would really depend on the situation, like for instance  if I am too busy for work then it would be possible that I would only go on overnight trips or just take a quick break. Whereas in contrast if it was the holiday season then I would most likely be on the road for several days, and that is because I will be taking advantage of not having to think about work and just as I said, long trips to the countryside is truly a pleasure for me.


What are the advantages of long trips?

Obviously, there are positive features of long trips but it goes without saying that the most apparent would  be the chance to allow me to catch up on my sleep. This is favorable because cars, trains and bus rides allow me sleep, because I think the vibrating and humming sounds  from these transports / vehicles make me feel like I’m being lulled to sleep. As well as this a further favorable aspect would be that long trips offer scenic views, fresh air and some healthy dose of vitamin D. Clearly, because of tall these it generally lets us feel good and be in a relaxed state of mind.

What makes your hometown special?

Well there’s definitely a variety of things I could tell you that makes my hometown special but I think the local food should be a good way to start. As you may know, my hometown is famous for its food, whether it’s a fancy restaurant or an old family owned restaurant, almost all of them serve delicious and one of a kind food. The reason as to why is because the local people love to experiment with different flavors and the influence of culture as well. The taste of the city is in its food, and this is what makes it unforgettable to its residents and tourists.


What did you want to be when you were a child?

Actually, this question is something I’ve not thought about for a long time. For some reason, I feel that I should just let it go since I’m now an adult but if you must know as a child I wanted to be a flight attendant. Mainly, because I thought they lived a life of adventure since they traveled so often and their work required them to always maintain a presentable appearance. As innocent as I was, I assumed that becoming an FA was easy and fun and therefore I found it an intriguing lifestyle. In conclusion, I may not have achieved what my childhood dream was but I’ve still accomplished so much and I guess I can say that I’m absolutely okay with that.


What kind of jobs do people do in your country?

Well as you know, there  is an assortment of jobs that people do in my country and I will tell you about the one that I’m familiar with. To begin with, one of the most common jobs in my country is being a salesperson in either Business toBusiness or Business to Consumer environments. This kind of job is what most people in my country do because of the fact that it does pay well and it can assure you job security since companies  rely on more sales revenue to grow and being in sales can also  lead you towards a management position in the future.



Part 2
Describe something which you have learned outside school

What it is?

When and where did you learn about it?

How did you benefit from it?


Initially then I’d like to get started to share with you  the one worthwhile thing I’ve learned outside of school and I think I would have to say it is my presentation skills . what I would also like to add here is that  presentation skills being taught in school is completely different to what I learnt in real life and this is maybe due to the fact that in school when you  learn about how to make a presentation, it is merely to fulfill a certain exam or assignment. Whereas in the real world,  knowing how to present well would make a significant difference to your career path and social life.

Going forward with when and where I learned about it and what I have to mention here is that this was during my final days at school when I got an opportunity to work as an intern for a company  in the city I lived. Being an intern opened a lot of ideas and knowledge for me and most likely because it was in a totally different environment. I was also challenged to make presentations to various stakeholders, and I quite enjoyed this steep learning curve.

As a final point, when I think about how I benefited from this learning, let me emphasize here that it was an absolutely useful experience & skill to be equipped with because of the fact that it helped me be prepared for my future career path. This is due to the fact that I was made aware that people are making presentations almost every day. If you think about it, trying to convince your mother to give you some pocket money is a mini presentation itself. Therefore, if you understand the correct framework to present your case, with solid justification and relevance included, you would have a high chance of convincing people around you. Adding to this, I was exposed to different personalities which gave me an idea about what kind of presentation styles would work effectively for certain group of people. I believe, it has been very helpful.


Describe a Day out that cost you nothing

With whom did you go?

What activities did you do?

What are the things that don’t cost you a lot of money?


So I guess I could kick off by telling you about a day out that cost me nothing and I think I’d have to go for that holiday I had in my hometown 2 months ago. What I would like to add is that it was a wonderful vacation and I was devastated when it was about to end. Now on the subject of who I went with and what I would like to share is that my sister accompanied me. And what I would also like to add here is that we decided to walk around our hometown during that fine summer day because we’ve missed it so much.

Going to the point about what activities we did and I want to state once more that our hometown is familiar to us but we haven’t had much time to do the things we did so I guess I could say that this was a memorable one for us. One of the many things we did was to sit at the nearby town’s park and just watch people pass by. This was quite nostalgic to us because of the fact that we did this exact same thing when we were small and it felt just the same back then. Another activity we did was eating ice cream just outside the park and this is due to the fact the old ice cream shop was still there and it was just fitting to taste the tantalizingly delicious stuff again. It added a sense of belongingness for us since this was one of our favorite places to go to back then.

As a final point, if you want me to talk about the first thing that comes to my mind that doesn’t cost a lot of money and I would have to say it would be our smiles. I thought about smile because it is literally for free and it’s a matter of choice that we give it to ourselves and to others. Smiling can certainly brighten someone’s day and it’s for free and there is an abundance of them to give. To add to this, another thing that I reckon does not cost anything is our happy memories. Because of our happy memories, we are motivated to make more of them, especially with our loved ones.


Part 3

What do children learn from their parents?

To tell you the truth there are heaps of things that children would learn from their parents and the most important one I would like to begin with is the ability to persevere. One of the things my parents taught me is to be strong in all challenges that life could throw at me. The reason why they instilled it upon me is probably because it’s what kept them through as well in life. In addition to this, another crucial skill children would learn from their parents are different family values. This will make children become responsible adults both to their friends and family members. As a result of this, the society could become more harmonious and orderly.


Do you think learning is the most important thing in a person’s life?

Frankly speaking, I would say that learning is the most important thing in our lives. For example I firmly believe getting up from falling down is  proves this. This could be because, I think when you rise up from falling, its meant to prove that you’ve gained wisdom, experience and basically learned a lesson the hard way. Additionally, as things around us change and evolve constantly, such as technology & behaviors, we would need to constantly adapt to these changes through learning. Take technology for example, both the young and elderly generations are learning how to use smart phones and computers as the way we shop and communicate are being closely intertwined within them. All in all, it’s safe to say that we should be constantly  learning to both stay ahead of the competition and to stay relevant in the society.


Do you think today’s generation uses their knowledge properly?

If truth be told, I would say that today’s generation don’t really seem to be making practical use of their knowledge. The reason I am saying this is because the current generation have various influences that surround them. Their parents may be one source of learning but there are several more outside our homes. For example, our peers whom we spend more time with especially during the adolescent stage of our lives. As this is something unavoidable, I reckon parents should take advantage of encouraging children to choose the people they connect with. Since, it is possible that we are affected by whom with share our time, ideas and experiences with. Additionally, the influence of technology is also affecting how the current generation utilize their knowledge. This is because many existing theories being taught in schools are slowly becoming obsolete, and therefore there would be less opportunities to practically use them in the society.


Where do people usually go for outings?

Surely without a doubt, I can say that the decision around where people would go on outings would really depend on the situation. For example, if the weather didn’t agree with what was planned, then an indoor resort would have to be considered as a solution. On the contrary, if the weather was excellent the park, beach or a mountain resort will definitely be perfect for an outing. After all, an “outing” should really be spent in the outdoors right?


Does Weather affect outings?

Certainly, I am sure that most people would agree that the weather is a major influencing factor for outings. The main reason is probably because when the weather is great everything will be more convenient from transportation and the venue selected. For example, if the weather is perfectly sunny, there would be less traffic congestions and plenty of open space for people to safely enjoy. A secondary factor is that having a good weather can surely make the day more productive for outdoor activities. This is because there would be a lot more activities that are available during a fine day, otherwise activities such as mountain climbing would definitely be too dangerous to perform if it is rainy. In conclusion, I can definitely say that the weather can have a big effect in a planned outing.


Why do some people like to stay home during holidays?

Well in my opinion I guess I would have to say that there are several reasons as to why some people stay home during holidays and the chief cause might be that they are very much aware of the traffic situation during this peak period. This is because a lot of people would want to take this opportunity to travel outside of their city, and this would lead to traffic congestions. In addition to this, because there would be an overwhelming number of people looking to spend holiday times at similar locations, the associated costs in regard to air fares and accommodations would also skyrocket. And to avoid it, staying home is the be an acceptable alternative.


July 2018 – Recent IELTS Speaking Exam questions & suggested responses

Beautiful business woman.


IELTS Speaking Part 1

Do you wear a watch daily?

Well in reality I suppose that to some extent, I wear a watch on most occasions but not on a daily basis. Especially nowadays with many people carrying cellphones that shows time and date, there’s even less requirement to wear a watch. So all in all, I guess my answer would have to be a yes and a no.

What is the importance of punctuality in your culture?

Actually, punctuality is essential in my culture and the first thing I should mention is that being punctual is a sign of respect. This is most likely because valuing other people’s time shows that we value them as a person.

Do you like to stick to a plan while traveling?

Of course, I think I’d have to say that a well planned trip is sensible. To be more accurate, having an itinerary is useful. I suppose the reason has something to do with the fact that when you are travelling, time is very limited and there are numerous places to see. Having an itinerary would help you navigate efficiently and be disciplined with how long you should stay in each place.

How was your first day at work?

If you must know how my first day at work was, let me start by saying that it was an extremely productive day. I think this is mainly because of the people I was working with, as they were approachable and kind enough to help me out throughout the whole day. And I believe the reason behind this is that they’d like to maintain the strong supportive and positive culture in the office which is one of the company’s core values.

Do you often get bored?

Quite frankly, I would say I don’t get bored often. As a matter of fact, I reckon I haven’t had any chance to get bored since I’m always preoccupied with work and household chores that would require my full attention. Adding to this, there are technologies such as the internet, mobile games and social apps to keep you busy. To sum it all up, getting bored rarely happens these days for me.


What do you do when you get bored?

In actual fact, I imagine that it would have to depend on the situation, like for instance, if there is really not much to do, then I would definitely go read a book or watch a movie. Whereas in contrast if I get bored because I’m doing something routine then I would definitely do something different for a while or take a breather.


Why do people get bored so much these days?

In all honesty, I think there are variety of reasons why people get bored so much these days and I suppose the main one is due to the wide use of technology and apps. First of all, the increased use of social media apps is actually resulting in less face times between family and friends. Therefore, this social isolation is adding to the boredom and loneliness of many people nowadays. In addition to this, another major reason is the high efficiency technology & apps are bringing to our lives, and this has resulted in people having more spare time or downtime which could lead them to boredom. As a result, these two factors are causing our attention span to be shortened further.


Part 2 IELTS Speaking

Talk about a situation when you helped someone.

-who was it?

-how did you help?

-why did you help?

Well, in relation to this question, I would like to share with you about time I helped out my college friend some months ago.
Answering the question on how I helped her, let me just say that she’s actually a fairly strong and independent woman and I just asked her out for coffee one afternoon and asked her how she was. It just happens that she was experiencing some personal problems and we realized that having to let her talk about it really helped a lot. I suppose this is one of the main reasons why we’ve gotten closer since then.

Finally then, I would like to explain the reason why I decided to help her although she is a strong willed person and I’d like to point out the main trigger was because she was expressing dangerous signs of depression, which had me extremely worried. and what I need to emphasize here is that for me it is but natural to be there for someone. Especially when that someone is one of the people you care most. As a person that believes deeply in the power of positive influence, I think by doing something good for others will create a sense of positiveness around me and a strong sense of accomplishment.


Describe a time when you visited a Street Market

1) Where is it?

2) Why you choose it?

3) What did you buy?

Well, in relation to this question, I will tell you about a prominent street market found in the capital city of my country, which is called Paddy’s Market. Now in regards to why I decided to choose this street market and what I need to mention here is that this is the place where you will find incredible deals for gadgets, affordable clothes, shoes and everything else that you can think of. To add to this, it is the most accessible street market in the city because of the fact that a large variety of public transport can reach this part of the city. Finally, I definitely want to share with you that I bought a fantastic summer dress during my last visit. And I couldn’t be happier because I think I got a steal given that this dress was excellent in quality and the design is just one of a kind.


Part 3 IELTS Speaking

How do grandparents help?

Well in my view, I suppose I would say that grandparents add tremendous amount of value to our day to day lives. They will have more time to bond with their grandkids and this is really beneficial because the grandchildren will be able to receive the necessary care & attention that are important as a part of growing up. To be more precise the extra love and care will give the grandkids an assurance while they grow as individuals.


What is your role in helping your family?

If I have to tell you about the role I play in helping my family, I think the most value I add is through my role as a messenger between my family members. I suppose this is making a significant positive impact to everyone because I would make sure each family member’s feelings are being relayed to the others, so we can celebrate every new success, shed a tear of laughter together. This further cements the bonding between my family.. To sum it all, my role in helping my family gives me a feeling of fulfillment and I wouldn’t be able to do so if it wasn’t for their love and support.


Do you participate in household work?

Well to be honest, household work is something that I dread to do. And the reason behind it is that, it just doesn’t stop at sweeping and dusting. The reality of it is, you have to do it again and again. And for sure, you would agree that it isn’t fun if you have to do it repeatedly. But having said that, I do participate in cooking food because I have a passion to creating tantalizingly delicious meals for people to enjoy.


What is the need and importance of international cooperation among countries?

Well, in actual fact the need and importance of international cooperation among countries is highly essential. First and foremost, if there’s cooperation among countries, a lot of international concerns could be addressed peacefully and this is because with close partnership issues can be resolved timelier and challenges could be overcome sooner. In addition to this, countries that cooperate together will definitely have a great impact globally and this could be because it can create good alliances and exhibit as a good role model for other countries to follow. I guess, it would be safe to say that when countries cooperate, a more harmonious relationship can come out of it.


Where do people go for shopping these days?

I guess I could say that it would really depend on the situation, for example if people feel like there’s not enough budget for shopping then they would more likely go to thrift shops or stores that offer discounts on goods. The possible reason could be because they’re aware that they need to adjust to their budget. On the contrary, if money wasn’t an issue then they would more likely be going to their favorite signature brands in the shopping malls.

Is online shopping better than going to the shopping mall?

Well obviously,, there are a number of underlying differences here however the most significant would be the convenience that online shopping provides. To be more precise, shopping online is just a few taps on your smartphone while you’re in the comforts of your home. whereas on the other hand having to go all the way to the shopping mall for a single item could be troublesome as you have to travel back and forth. However, you also have to understand that going to a shopping mall does give consumers the opportunity to experience and try the goods, rather than relying purely on pictures on the internet. I suppose this gives people a sense of assurance on the quality and suitability of the product they are intending to purchase.

Why parents need to teach children about savings?

Generally, it’s my belief that parents should train up a child around the need to save and the main reason why they need to teach  this important skill is because children have to be responsible when it comes to handling money matters. This ensures a good habit can be embedded within the child so the chance of making mistakes around money can be greatly reduced in the future. At the same time another reason could be that parents would want their children to know how significant it is to have some money set aside for rainy days or if an unexpected event occurs.


What are the differences between the shopping behavior of men and women?

Unquestionably, there are a range of potential distinctions here but I would say the most fundamental would be that men are more specific and certain on the items they want to purchase when they go shopping, and this might be because most men see shopping as a duty. While on the other hand, most women find shopping to be relaxing and fun. I suppose this is most likely because  choosing from a variety of items can actually be enjoyable and gives them a chance to catch up with friends during shopping trips.

July 2017 Recent IELTS writing test question & Band 7 + 8 responses (Air Transport)

This is a very good band 8 response. Feel free to review & study its content, sentence structure and complexity. If you like our blog, don’t forget to Like or Share it!

Air transport is increasingly used to export fruits and vegetables to countries where they cannot be grown or are out of season. Some people say this is a good thing while other people think it cannot be justified. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


The issue of whether exporting fruits and vegetable by means of air transport is conducive to the society is of great concern to the general public. Proponents argue that exporting food benefit consumers in both exporting and importing countries, while the opponents claim that air shipping pose a serious threat to environment. From my perspective, people will become a major beneficiary from such trade if they can develop environmental-friendly fuel for air transport

It is widely believed that using air transport for the purpose of the export of agricultural products to countries where they cannot be grown or out of season can have a beneficial influence on both importing and exporting countries. For importing countries, those agricultural products substantially enrich the diet of local citizens and improve the nutrition structure. A convincing example is that people in Frigid Zone would by no means have access to tropical food without the export of farm produce. Because of the existence of express transport such as air freight, those people are in a position to acquire a more abundant supply of food and vegetable. In terms of international trade, export countries may become a major beneficiary from this situation, because it helps expand the market of farm produce, accelerate the sales of agricultural output and improve the well-being of domestic farmers.
However, it is also manifest that in terms of environmental protection, exporting agricultural products by means of air transportation has its inherent disadvantages. To begin with, it accelerates the depletion of fossil fuel that is non-renewable resources. So far there has not been complete substitution for oil. We should not pursue short-term profit at the expense of the sustainable development. Also, the toxic fumes – such as sulphur dioxide, released from the aircraft are the chief culprit of atmospheric contamination. Consequently, people are unavoidably afflicted with respiratory diseases. Other than toxic gases, greenhouse gazes (i.e. carbon dioxide) worsen the global warming and then potentially induce the change of global climate.

To conclude, I concede that using air transport comes with some undesirable side-effects. Nevertheless, it is rather one-sided to deny the rationality of this phenomenon. People should develop a new, environmental-friendly energy for aircraft so that people can constantly benefit from the export of agricultural products.

July 2017 Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Suggested Answers (Letters, Emails, Disagreement)


  1. Do you write many letters or emails?

Answer :   Well, I am still a student so I would say that I seldom write letters or emails due to the reason that I usually use WeChat or QQ to send a messages or to talk to my family and friends. Perhaps, I only use email to send my homework to my professor at the University. So, all in all email is just something I use for sending files or documents for school work.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • Reason, Linking phrase (due to the reason that)
  • Additional information, Linking word (Perhaps)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (So all in all)


  1. Who do you usually write to?

Answer: I don’t write to anyone except from my University professors.  I normally write to my professors because of the reason that I am required to submit my homework through email. More than that, there are files or documents attached to it so it is best to send it through email. In a word, modern technology has been widely used in most of schools in China.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • Reason, Linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Additional information, Linking phrase (More than that)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (In a word)


  1.   Do you prefer to write letters by hand or use a computer?

Answer: If I will choose between the two,  I strongly prefer to use a computer because of the fact that typing can save time rather that writing by hand, what is more, I can easily delete errors and I can save my files for back up. Therefore, there is no doubt computer is more beneficial that hand writing.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I strongly prefer)
  • Reason, Linking phrase (because of the fact that)
  • Additional reason, linking phrase (What is more)
  • Summary, Linking word (therefore)
  1.  What are the differences between emails and letters?

Answer:  There is a huge difference between these two. Let me start with the letter, it is printed or handwritten on actual paper and sent through the mail. On the contrary,  an email is typed on a computer, tablet or smartphone and sent electronically. While emails have become a more popular way of communication for individuals and businesses, traditional letters still have a place in today’s modern, tech-oriented society.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First Point, Linking phrase (Let me start with)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (On the contrary)
  • Summary


  1.    Is it hard to think of what to write?

Answer:  That’s a tough question!  But I would say that it depends on what type of content you will write. If it’s a personal letter I guess that it is just a piece of cake as you can be informal with your letter. On the other hand, if it’s a business or school related emails it might be a little tough since you must meet certain standards and be formal in writing. So, it will still vary according to its purpose.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • First point, linking phrase (I guess that)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (On the other hand)
  • Summary



Describe a decision made by others that you disagreed with

You should say:

  • What it was
  • When and where it happened
  • Who made the decision
  • And explain why you disagreed



I seldom have a disagreement with others so I couldn’t forget the time when we had a small argument with my friend. You know, I have been friends with Tom for 7 years and last National holiday we decided to go on a concert in Beijing. If I can vividly remember, it was held in a place called Bird’s Nest which is a huge stadium. I have learned that it’s the largest stadium and it can accommodate 100 thousand people. I expected a lot of rush, so I suggested Tom that we should go there by subway to avoid traffic congestion, but he thought there are too many people on the subway so he wanted to drive there instead. He insisted what he thought was better and I couldn’t longer disagree as he looked upset about my suggestion. But guess what? We ended up getting stuck on the road because of unimaginable cars on the street. We were caught up on the street approximately 2km to the stadium where we had to park our car far away and walk to the venue. I felt bad about Tom because of the fact that driving there was all his ideas. I didn’t talk to him until we got to the stadium but later he apologized for being a nag. On the other hand, we enjoyed the concert. We got free ballers and T-shirt from the concert. By the end of the day, Tom and I are still good friends.


Answer Overview:

The disagreement with TOM topic falls  under the category of  a SITUATION/ACTIVITY. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer above, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the friend’s name, the day, the location, and the situation that took place. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

Linking Words and Phrases:

  • You know, If I can vividly remember, I have learned that, because of the fact that, On the other hand, By the end of the day



  1.    What skills are necessary when making decisions?

Answer: That’s a tough question, I never thought about it before! As we know making decision is one of the hardest thing to do in life. One skill I can think of is the ability to digest and evaluate information is key. This might include the need to formulate questions to request and research more information. Another skill we must consider is time management, it is essential in striking a balance between timeline to getting enough information to make a decision and the urgency of making a decision.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (One skill I can think of is)
  • Supporting details
  • Second point, linking phrase (Another skill we must consider)
  • Supporting details


  1.   How can people improve their decision-making skills?

Answer: There are two keys to enhance quick decision-making. The first key I would like to suggest is, the pattern recognition, playing chess can be the best way to enhance this. By playing this game you be able to ability to quickly identify and react to established patterns. Having played tens of thousands of hours of chess, grandmasters have a much richer number of patterns stored along with corresponding moves. Next key that I think is effective is risk tolerance, it is the degree to which you are willing to accept the consequences of making a bad decision. Just like how you handle potential failure. If the perceived consequences are high then you are more likely to hesitate.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (the first key i would suggest is)
  • Supporting details
  • Second point, linking phrase (Next key that I think is effective is)
  • Supporting detail


  1. How do you think computers will change the way people make decisions?

Answer: This is a good question, I think I can come up with only one way on how it affects our decision-making. The primary influence is that, it would provide more insight for the person make the decision and let them choose whatever call they think is best. You know, if people have a problem they can’t figure out they’ll just google it and get more information regarding their problem or go on something like Quora to get another person’s view on the problem. Take me as an example, I use the computer to search further information about the University I plan to attend to in the future. I get to compare the benefits and rates of each schools and it really helped me choosing the right University.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Main Point, linking phrase (The primary influence is that)
  • Supporting detail, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Example, linking phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Do parents in your country allow their children to make important decisions about the future?

Answer: Definitely yes! Although, making decision is a tough choice I am glad that parents in China give their kids the opportunity to explore the world and be independent. They allow their child make a decision and guide them through it. More than that, they support their child’s choice and make sure they achieve their goals. Take me as an example, my parents allowed me to choose which major course and University I plan to attend to. I felt overjoy and free as they gave me the freedom to be what I wanted to be.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response,
  • Answer, linking word (Although)
  • Supporting detail
  • Example, linking phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Do you think that parents should make important decisions for their children?

Answer:  I disagree with this statement. I don’t think parents must take over their children’s freedom of choice, this is a horrible idea for parents to do. This is mainly because they must give their children a chance to choose and learn from their own decisions. By this means, children can learn how to be independent and become mature. Perhaps, parents must only be a guide and support for their kids but not the one to choose their child’s career path. Most parents’ who’s been taking over their children’s life decisions are most likely  to have a rebellious child so I won’t suggest parents to take their children’s freedom to choose.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Main Point, linking phrase (this is mainly because)
  • Supporting details, linking phrase (by this means)
  • Supporting detail, linking word (perhaps)
  • Supporting detail

2017 July Recent IELTS speaking exam questions and suggested answers (Daily Routine, moving home & school)


  1.   What part of your day do you like best?

Answer:  I am a morning person so I would say morning is my favorite part of the day most likely because it signifies a new day and a new beginning. There are times when I have a bad day but I always think about the quote that says, “Tomorrow is another day”.  In a word, waking up every morning is the best feeling ever.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Reason, Linking phrase (most likely because)
  • Personal Example
  • Summary, Linking Phrase (In a word)


  1. What’s your daily routine?

Answer: As I have mentioned I am a morning person so obviously I start my day with a cup of coffee, breakfast and a good shower then everything follows. Apparently, I go to school on weekends so I normally go back home to do my homework and take a rest while I go out for a friends’ date on weekends or spend time with my family. Pretty much I have a simple and happy lifestyle.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Phrase (As I have mentioned)
  • Answer, Linking phrase (so obviously )
  • Additional points, Linking word (Apparently)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (Pretty much)


  1. What is the busiest part of the day for you?

Answer:   To be honest everyday is a busy day for me but I am normally occupied in the morning because of the reason that I usually rush about everything especially during school days. You know, I sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning. Basically, I have to get up at 5am, make my breakfast, prepare my things, take a shower and ride my bicycle to school.  Over all, I have to speed up every morning.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Phrase (To be honest)
  • Reason, Linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Example, linking phrase (You know)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (Over all)
  1. What’s the difference of routine between you and your teenager’s times?

Answer:    Well, I can say that there’s a huge difference between my life back then and my present life. You know, when I was a teenager I was irresponsible about my everyday lifestyle because of the fact that I have nothing to worry about apart from my school work, also, my parents were there to take care of me. As opposed to my life now, my routine and time management has become more strict. Ever since I stepped into college things got tough especially that I have to live on my own  now. I have learned to be independent and become more responsible with my personal life and school life. Such as sleeping early and waking up early in the morning


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Phrase (Well, i can say that)
  • First point, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Additional point, linking phrase (because of the fact that)
  • Second point, Comparative phrase (As opposed to)
  • Example, Linking phrase (Such as)


    Describe a time when you moved to a new home or school

    You should say:

    When it happened and what it was

    Who were with you

    What you did in this event

    And how you felt about it



    Well, I think this topic is quite easy for me to discuss because of the reason that I have moved to several places twice for the past 10 years. But today I would like to talk about a time when we moved to a new home back when I was in high school. You know, I used to live in a very small and crowded apartment with my parents like my old bedroom was the size of my bathroom right now. In 2014, my parents decided to buy a bigger and newer home which is situated near the city center. The good thing is that, they invited my grandparents to come live with us because my grandparents were getting old and needed to be cared for. I felt really blissful because of the fact that it is the first time living as a big family, on the contrary, it took for all of us to get used of each other’s habits. Perhaps, my grandparents sleep and wake up early in the morning while I do the opposite and they often scold me for that but as the days passes by they got used to it. Overall, the new house is great, it’s spacious, the rooms have great lighting and we bought lots of beautiful furniture. The big environment was a lot better as well, the complex we live in has great landscaping and the view is wonderful. In a word, I’m very glad we moved to this new house and I supposed we will be living here forever.


    Answer Overview:

    The new home topic falls  under the category of  a SITUATION/ACTIVITY. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer above, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the date, description, family situation, and appearance of the place. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

    Linking Words or Phrases:

    • You know, because of the reason that, because of the fact that, the good thing is that, Perhaps, while, Overall, In a word



  1. Do people like to live in big houses or small houses?

Answer: There is no doubt that people prefer to live in a huge house simply because of the fact that it can provide a wider space. The first reason is because a huge house is spacious it make you feel comfortable and free as you can decorate your home with furniture. In addition to that you can move around easily without the feeling of being suffocated. More than that is having a huge house make people think that you have a high status. The truth is, houses in China are very expensive especially in the city, so most people with high status in life normally live in luxurious houses.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (There is no doubt that)
  • First Point, Linking phrase (The first reason is because)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (In addition to that)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (More than that)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (The truth is)


  1. Where do old people like to live, city or countryside?

Answer:   It is obvious that most senior citizen will choose to live in the suburbs because of several reasons. First reason is that, they want a simple lifestyle where they can reflect on their personal interest. Perhaps, they are happy gardening their backyard, watching TV news or reading news paper on the balcony. Second reason is because, they prefer a peaceful environment as they easily get irritated with noises. They more likely want to listen to the chirping birds in the morning or the crickets in the evening.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (it is obvious that)
  • First point, linking phrase (First reason is that)
  • Additional point, linking phrase (In addition to that)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Second reason is that)
  • Additional point


  1. Do you like to move house frequently?

Answer:    Of course not, transferring from one house to another is a difficult task. First of all, moving to another place takes a lot of time and effort. We have to pack our things, send it to the new address and re-arrange it. Next thing is that, it cost a lot of money because of the reason that we have to pay an advance payment for the new place. Also, we have to consider paying the transport fee for moving our stuffs. It is very inconvenient to keep moving from one place to another.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, Linking phrase (First of all)
  • Additional information
  • Second point, linking phrase (Next thing is that)
  • Additional information, Linking word (Also)


  1. Why do people in your country choose to move home?

Answer:  Well, there are several instances why people transfer from one house to another. One thing I can think of is, they look for a better employment that could offer them career advancement and a higher salary wage. Take me as an example, I live in Kunming but I decided to move in Beijing because they offer twice as much as I earn in Kunming. Second reason is because, some people move because of marriage. In China, once you get married you must separate from your parents and find a place to stay in but there are still some people who prefer to live with their parents in one roof.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First Point, Linking phrase (One thing I can think of is)
  • Example, Linking phrase (Take me as an example)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (Second reason is that)
  • Additional Point

July 2017 Recent IELTS Speaking questions & suggested responses (Birthdays, Art, Statue, Painting)


  1. Do people in your country celebrate birthdays/have birthday parties?

Answer:   It really depends, you know, sometimes people in China will throw a party to celebrate. Although for some, they will just acknowledge it rather than actually celebrating it because of the reason that they  don’t consider their birthday special especially for those grown ups. But as for me, I can still vividly remember when I was a little boy; I’d like to invite some of my classmates and neighbors to banquet. We ate birthday cakes, played some interesting games and sometimes my parents would prepare some balloons for us. All in all, it was really a memorable moment.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Answer, Linking phrase (Although for some)
  • Reason, Linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Example, Linking phrase (But as for me, I can still vividly remember that)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (All in all)


  1. How do they/children celebrate birthdays?

Answer: In my home country, children’s birthday is a big banquet. Parents will always book a room in a restaurant and invite many children’s classmates and close friends. In addition to that, they will then prepare a big birthday cake and some other tasty food like sandwiches, biscuits and fruit juice. You know, children will have a good time there, and the whole process will be recorded by camera. In a word, children in current society really enjoy their childhood.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • Answer details
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (In addition to that)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (In a word)


  1. Do you think it’s important for people to celebrate birthdays?

–    As an adult, I don’t think it’s essential to celebrate birthdays anymore because of the reason that the birth date is just a reminder that we’re getting a year older,  as opposed to, for some people they religiously celebrate their party by throwing a house party or eating out. In short, the importance varies from people to people.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • Reason, linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Comparative phrase (as opposed to), Second point
  • Summary, linking phrase (In short)



Describe a piece of art (like statue, painting)

You should say:

When you (first) saw this work of art

Where you saw it

What it looked like

And explain your feelings about this work of art when you saw it



Frankly speaking, I am not very keen on painting or sculpture, so this is really a tough topic for me. But the one that comes to my mind first is a painting called Water Lilies, which is a series about 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet. I have learned that Claude Monet’s Water Lilies painting are among the most recognized and celebrated works of 20th century. You know, they were hugely influential to many of the following generations of artists. In fact, the paintings are on display at museums all over the worlds and I was lucky enough to see one of the Water Lily paintings displayed at Guangzhou Art Gallery. If I can vividly recall, I visited this gallery few months ago with my classmate for research. At the first sight of the painting, I was totally amazed by its artful expression. Some may consider impressionist paintings incomplete when comparing them with classical paintings, because of the fact that impressionist paintings include relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes. Although, impressionist paintings do not focus on the accurate depiction of a certain subject, it try to capture the exact moment and lighting of the scene. As I said, I am not really fond of painting or sculpture but most importantly I have acquired knowledge from the Water Lily painting. To an extent, the Water Lily painting deeply impressed me and that’s why I choose to talk about this work of art.


Answer Overview:

The Painting topic falls under the category of  an OBJECT/ITEM theme. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer above, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the painting’s name, the painter, facts about the painting, location, emotions towards the painting and painting descriptions. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.


Linking Words & Phrases:

  • Frankly speaking, I have learned that, You know, In fact, If I can vividly recall, At the first sight, because of the fact that, although, As I said, but most importantly, To an extent




  1.    Do you like art?

Answer:  Definitely! I love art because of that reason that art is a form of expression from one person to another as art can transcend the boundaries of language and time. First thing is that, I love that art can transcend time. Whether it’s the cave paintings of our most distant ancestors or Homer’s great epics, if art is good it will be lasting. Another point there is that, I also love that there are an unlimited number of interpretations of art. Everyone sees or hears roughly the same thing, but each of us has our own opinion of it. Our experiences throughout life help shape our opinions of art. No two people experience the exact same thing, so our interpretations are bound to vary Overall, life without art would be dull and uninteresting


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • First point, linking phrase (First thing is that)
  • Additional point
  • Second point, linking phrase (Another point here is that)
  • Additional points


  1.     Do you think art classes are necessary? Why?

Answer: Yes of course, it is very essential to many aspects. Almost every field has at least one component in which visual art is a key aspect. First example is Architecture, it certainly requires sketching and so does other product design as well. In addition to that, detailed graphic models are necessary in any application of design or engineering. The buildings and houses we live in started with a plan together with the sketch and details to make it possible without the sketch plan the engineer and architecture cannot visualize the outcome. On the contrary, musical arts are vital, as well since music has long been revered and considered essential for the emotional heal it can provide. For instance, think of a day when you don’t listen to music, life will surely be very dull.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • First point, Linking Phrase (First example is ..)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (In addition to that)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (On the contrary)
  • Example, linking phrase (For instance)


  1. How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Answer: I believe that art influences children in so many ways. One primary effect is their motor skills, many of the motions involved in making art, such as holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon, are essential to the growth of fine motor skills in young children. Another positive influence is their language development, for every young children, making art or just simply talking about it provides the opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes and actions. When toddlers are as young as a year old, parents can do simple activities such as crumpling paper and calling it paper ball.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I believe that..)
  • First point, Linking phrase (One primary effect is)
  • Example, Linking phrase (Such as)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Another positive influence is)
  • Example


  1.     What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?

Answer: Well, I can think of several advantages from painting. First of all, painting boosts memory recollection skills and works to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation. People who frequently use creative outlets such as writing, painting, and drawing have less chance of developing memory loss illnesses when they get older. More than that, painting allows people to express their feelings and emotions without words. Individuals that paint use art to overcome shyness and convey their personality. Using artwork to tell a story lets someone who is shy let go of normal social reservations.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, Linking phrase (first of all)
  • Additional points
  • Second point, linking phrase (More than that)
  • Additional points


  1. Do you think people’s preferences on arts changed in past few years?

Answer:   I would say that there were so many changes in people’s life for the past few years and that have also changed people’s preferences on arts. The is due to the reason that people’s liking on arts alters because of the development of technology and changes of lifestyle. For instance, if you used to like ancient paintings in the past your preference today will be different it might be possible that you start liking modern abstract painting because of the effect of urbanization. I couldn’t think of more reasons why but I suppose that in the near future there will be changes that will still affect people’s preferences.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Reason, Linking phrase (This is due to the reason that)
  • Example, Linking phrase (For instance)
  • Honest opinion

July 2017 Recent IELTS Speaking questions and recommended responses (Jewelry & Invention)

Latest Part 1 – Jewelry

What’s your attitude toward jewelry?

Answer:  As a lady, jewelry plays an important role in my fashion world this is due to the reason that jewelry adds color to my clothing and makes my outfit looks elegant. For instance, I usually wear my silver-plated earrings and my silver bracelet when I go out. It may be simple but it looks classic.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (As a lady)
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (due to the reason that)
  • Example, Linking phrase (For instance)
  • Summary


  1. What kind of jewelry do you like to buy?

Answer: Well, I don’t really like accessorizing a lot but I like wearing earrings most because of the reason that earrings makes my face looks more attractive. You know, it can make me look more sassy. Therefore, I can say that earrings is a must whenever I go out.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Reason, linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Another point, linking phrase (You know)
  • Summary, Linking word (Therefore)


  1. Why do so many people choose to buy expensive jewelry to maintain value?

Answer:   Well, I haven’t thought of that question but I guess that fancy jewelry is part of a person’s status in life. This is common for those wealthy people, they normally buy luxurious jewelries to show off. Diamonds for instance, diamonds are one of the most expensive jewelry worn by most women, if you wear diamonds in a party you will look exquisite. All in all, expensive jewelries are for those rich people.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (But I guess) Answer
  • Reason (This is common for those wealthy people)
  • Example, linking phrase (Diamonds for instance)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (All in all)


  1. How often do you wear jewelry?

Answer:  I am a lady so I would say that I frequently wear simple jewelry when I go out such as a pair of earrings and a watch this is because of the reason that it adds intensity to my overall outfit. For instance, when I hang out with my friends I must wear these accessories because most of my friends are fashionable so I must fit in. Basically, jewelry is just part of our fashion trend.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response and Answer
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (this is because of the reason that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (For instance)
  • Summary, Linking word (Basically)



One of the major themes in Part 2 is to describe an OBJECT/ITEM. Here are some of OBJECT?ITEM topics  that correspond to this theme:

  • Describe an important invention
  • Describe a website you like to visit


Describe an important invention

You should say:

What it is

Why it is important

How popular it is in different ages

And explain how you feel about it



To start with, we live in a modern technology where new things are invented here and there but the most impeccable invention I would like to talk about is a mobile application called Uber. Uber is a n online ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes, day or night. One of the benefits is that, there’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit card or cash whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. In addition to that, Uber is very accessible as it is available in more than 500 cities worldwide. Most importantly, using Uber offers much better value than taking a regular cab as for the reason that cabs are being ran by meters. If my memory serves me right, this app has been operating for over 2 years now and I find it very helpful for the reason that it made my trip to Hongkong convenient. You know, I wasn’t familiar with the places in Hongkong as it is my first time to go there but Uber made it easier for me to move to one place to another. In a nutshell, Uber App is one of the most essential invention created on this generation especially for people who likes travelling like me.


Answer Overview

The Uber app topic falls under the category of  an OBJECT/ITEM theme. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer above, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the Uber’s description, functions,  benefits and personal experience. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

Linking Phrase

  • To start with, One of the benefits is that, In addition to that, for the reason that,  Most importantly, if my memory serves me right, You know, In a nutshell



  1. What do you think is the most important equipment in schools?

Answer:    At school, one of the most essential equipment is computer. As we know, computer is already a part of modern teaching, teachers can use PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to present their lectures in class. By doing so, the lecture can be more fascinating and fun than just simply talking in front of the students. What is more, computer is used by students to make their research and do their paper works. Take me as an example, I use Microsoft Office to deal with my homework as I can just copy paste some information on the internet such as pictures or some important details I need to complete my assignment. As a matter of fact, most schools has their own computer facility usually located in the library where students can use it for free.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (As we know)
  • Additional Point, Linking Phrase (By doing so)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (What is more)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?

Answer: I can say that there are plenty of useful technology out there but I guess that electricity is the most valuable invention. This is because of the fact that we can do everything with electricity. An example for that is, running our household chores such as doing the laundry and cooking. Another point here is that, without electricity life will be gloomy. Obviously speaking, electricity makes everything work, without electricity most of our devices such as printers, computers, TV and radio won’t function.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I can say that), Answer
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (This is because of the fact that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (An example for this is)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (Another point here is that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Obviously speaking)


  1. Do you think there will be no teachers to teach in schools in the future?

Answer:  I don’t think so, the school will still stick with traditional classroom teaching because of the reason that it has several benefits than online learning. First benefit is that, face to face communication with a teacher give a student the ability to ask questions or clarify a certain topic in an instant. In our school for instance, we normally raise our hand whenever we need to clarify something to our teacher and the teacher can answer us back with no delay. The second thing we must consider is that, if there will be no teachers to educate, schools will no longer exist and if that happens most children won’t be able to  socialize with others. Take me as an example, I gained most of my friends at school and they are good friends of mine until now, if I didn’t attend school I won’t be able to meet them.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I don’t think so), Answer Linking Phrase (because of the reason that)
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (First benefit is that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (In our school for instance)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (The second thing we must consider is that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Do you think those inventions make people lazier? Why?

Answer:   There is no doubt that indeed it made people sluggish. As far as I am concern, due to the rapid development of technology people’s life has become more convenient, as a result, people get used of this convenience which make people more inactive. As we know, technology has brought comfort and made our lives easier where people become dependent to different devices and equipment. I am guilty of this statement, as I am too much attached with my mobile phone. I can sit all day playing mobile games, scrolling through Facebook or playing videos on YouTube. It’s embarrassing to admit that this made my life sedentary.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (There is no doubt)
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (As far as I am concern)(As a result)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (You know)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (I am guilty f this statement)
  • Additional Information


  1. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of inventions at home?

Answer: Apparently, it is distinct that there are benefits and drawbacks of the technologies we use at home. Let me start with the positive side, the good thing about having these equipment and devices is that they made our lives handy, also, it saves our time and lessen our burden especially those heavy house chores. Such like doing the laundry, instead of using our bare hands to wash our clothes we have what we so called Washing Machine to do this job for us, whereas, we just simply need to fill it in with water and detergent and viola! It will do its magic. By contrast, the negative part of it is that it damages our environment because of the fact that it emit some chemicals or gases which may lead to pollution. Air conditioners as an example, it use a lot of electricity where it generalized environmental disadvantages caused by power production. Because a large percentage of electricity is created by coal-burning power plants, air conditioning contributes indirectly to the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (Apparently, it is distinct that)
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (let me start with)(Also)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Such like)(whereas)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (By contrast)
  • Example, Linking phrase (Air conditioners as an example)

July 2017 Recent IELTS Speaking questions and recommended band 7 responses (Happy Marriage


Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage

You should say:

Who they are

How you got to know them

How long they have been married

And explain what do you think of them



Well, I know several happy couples out there including my parents who has a great relationship, however, today I want to talk about my cousin and his wife. You know, they have been married for almost twenty years now and whenever I see them they always seem to be cheerful and still in-love. I must say that there are bunch of reasons for their healthy relationship. First thing I want to mention is that, they have a lot of common interest such as their passion in music. Whenever I go to their home, I frequently watch them play music together, in fact, they are a perfect combination when it comes to this matter because my cousin plays piano while my sister-in-law plays guitar and both can sing very well. The most interesting thing is that, they both work in the same hospital because they are both professional doctors. However, the most important thing is that they share the household chores together, they work as a team as they help each other at home on a quite regular basis. My cousin cooks delicious food while my sister-in-law  wash the dishes. So I get the impression that they treat each other very well. In addition to that, I’ve noticed that my cousin always drives his wife to and from work every single day. All in all, there’s no doubt that they’re really happy together, and I think they’re actually great role models on keeping a marriage strong and healthy.


Answer Overview: 
The cousin and wife topic falls under the category of  a PERSON theme. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the couples interest, activities they do together, their profession and their daily routine. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

Linking Words & Phrases used: 

  • However, today I want to talk about, You know, I must say that, First thing I want to mention is that, in fact, the most interesting thing is that, In addition to that, All in all



  1. Do you often attend weddings?

Answer: I seldom attend weddings, very seldom this is for the reason that it’s not everyday or every month that my friends or relatives get married. Hence, when I need to attend a wedding ceremony I never miss it since it’s just once in a lifetime experience. As a matter of fact, the last time I attended a wedding was couple of years ago. It was my friends wedding and the experience was impeccable primary because I got to see her in a beautiful wedding gown and I was able to meet my former classmates as well. We had so much fun!

Answer Overview:

  • Response
  • Reason, Linking phrase (This is for the reason that)
  • Point, Linking word (Hence)
  • Fact, Linking phrase (As a matter of fact)
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (primary because)


  1. What wedding gifts are popular in China?

Answer: In my home country, money is the most well-known gift in a wedding. Let me elaborate my answer,  Chinese people are wise when it comes it to gift giving due to the reason that they want the receiver to spend the money on things they need and like. Instead of giving them things like clothes or appliances, sometimes these things don’t suit people and might end up giving it to others or stocking it at home. Another point I want to tell you about is, it’s part of our tradition. You know, we put the money in a red envelope called “Hongbao” to give the receiver a good luck and fortune. So basically, couples receive plenty of money during their wedding day.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (Let me elaborate my answer)
  • Additional point (Instead of giving them ……)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Another point I want to tell you about is)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (You know)


  1. What do you think is the perfect age for marriage?

Answer: That’s an interesting question! Well, In my personal point of view, 27 to 30 years old is the best age for marriage for the reason that people have stable job and possibly be financially stable. Generally, most people graduate from the university before 25 years old and by then they could start hunting a job. One more thing is that, being a young parent can connect to their children when it comes to modern society situations. You know, now a days most parents have generation gap which causes misunderstanding of lifestyle and interest. Take me as an example, my dad often scolds me for hanging out with my friends every weekends, as a result, it leads to a small argument.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (Let me elaborate my answer)
  • Additional point (Instead of giving them ……)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Another point I want to tell you about is)
  • Additional point, Linking phrase (You know)


  1. Why do Chinese people like to go to celebrations like wedding ceremony?

Answer: There are bunch of reasons as to why they like attending wedding occasions. First thing is that, Chinese people like going to wedding occasions because of the reason that this is a once in a lifetime special experience for couples. They want to be part of the most special day to witness their matrimony. Another main reason is that, wedding is also a way to gather family members and relatives that have been separated for a long time. Just like my cousin’s wedding 3 years ago, we gathered in a hotel like a family reunion.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (First thing is that)
  • Additional point (They want to be part ……)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (Another point main reason is that)
  • Example

July 2017 recent IELTS speaking questions and recommended responses (topics: Politeness, Vegetable or plant)


  1.   Who teach you to be polite

Answer: Apparently, the people who taught me good manners are my parents. I can still remember when my mom taught me how to say “Please” and “Thank you” when I was about 3 years old. Most importantly, they are polite to people so growing up with good parents is something I am proud of. To an extent, they still remind me today to be kind to people.

Answer Overview:

  • Introduction
  • Reason and Example
  • Linking Phrase (Most importantly)
  • Summary (To an extent)


  1.    How do Chinese people show politeness

Answer: Well, I would say that politeness is one of the most important qualities Chinese people possess. The most common way we show politeness to someone is by being respectful to elders. Take me as an example, I often talk to my parents politely or to people who is older than me. As a result, they look up to me as a good person.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (Well, I would say that)
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (The most common way..)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)
  • Summary (As a result)


  1.    What rules of politeness have changed in your country?

Answer: That’s an interesting question! I haven’t notice any changes when it comes to the rules but I can guess that some people now a days are impolite due to their upbringing and lifestyle. In fact, it breaks my heart to know that bad manners are taking over good deeds. For instance, some people borrow money from others and don’t return the money back on time. This is very impolite and can damage friendship.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Introductory phrase (That’s an interesting question! )
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (The most common way..)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)
  • Summary (As a result)



The cue card for Vegetable or Plant falls under the OBJECT/ITEM category, however, this topic cannot be describe under an object like a piece of clothing or a kind of gift. Therefore, we created an independent answer for this cue card.

Cue Card:

Describe a kind of vegetable or plant

You should say:

What it is

How you first learned about this plant

Where it grows

And explain whether you like it or not



We are lucky to have different kinds of plants all around us. But today, I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite, it is a fruit and also a vegetable of which we eat almost everyday. I am pertaining to the tomato plant, which is found in all regions of China and all around the world. I have several reason as to why I like tomato very much. The first thing I would like to mention is, we use tomato in almost all kind of dishes. An example for this is a vegetable salad, we can mix it with other green leafy vegetables.  In addition to that, I love tomatoes that are cooked with eggs because we can add a twist to our simple omelet by adding this fruit. On the other hand, there are varieties of tomatoes in my country, as a matter of fact, I have even grown tomato plants in my kitchen garden. However, only few people know that the leaves and stem of the tomato is toxic. You know, they contain a certain substance, which can cause death if taken in large quantity. What is more, even the raw or green tomato has a small bit of toxicity. On the contrary, tomato is a rich source of  vitamins and good nutrients so I strongly suggest that it should be eaten but we must avoid consuming the leaves and stems. All in all, tomato is very beneficial to our health which cannot only serve as a vegetable but can also be a fruit.


Answer Overview:
The tomato topic falls under the category of  an OBJECT/ITEM  theme. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer, you can see several important ideas mentioned such as examples where tomatoes are used, the benefits and some facts about it. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.


Linking Words & Phrases used:

  • I would like to talk to you about, I am pertaining to, The first thing I want to mention is, An example for this is, In addition to that, On the other hand, However, You know, What is more, On the contrary, so I strongly suggest that, All in all



  1. Do people in your country like growing plants by themselves?

Answer: Well, I would say it depends, this may vary from the geographical location. You know, for people in the suburbs they most likely grow their own crops because they have a wide space like a barn or a plantation to grow their plants. What’s more, this can ensure the quality of food is fresh especially vegetables and fruits like cabbage, carrots and strawberries. Another reason is that, they make this as a primary source of income, they sell their products on public market in town. Basically, this is where most people make money.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I would say that)
  • First point, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (What’s more)
  • Additional Point, Linking phrase(Another reason is that)
  • Opinion, Linking word (basically)


  1. Where do people grow plants?

Answer: There are several places where people plant their crops. The most common is the rice field, I can say that it’s the best place to grow your plants because of the fact that rice fields has good soil quality and is sufficient for sunlight especially those plants that requires direct sunlight such as rice, corns, etc. But for some, they usually grow their plants on their back yard, they make a small area to plant some crops and some area to grow their flowers. Take my grandma as an example, she has a small backyard where she garden her plants everyday. She has varieties of tomatoes and  flowers in it.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, Linking phrase (The most common is) Reason, Linking Phrase (because of the fact that)
  • Example, Linking phrase (especially those)
  • Second Point, Linking phrase(But for some)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take my grandma as an example)


  1. What do you think is the most important plant in your country?

Answer: It is no doubt that paddy plant is the most essential plant in my country because rice is the main food in China. You know,  people in China eat rice or noodles as part of their heavy meal. According to my history class, in ancient China people found a solution to feed their stomach using some basic ingredients, it is then they invented fried rice which has become the most common part of Chinese people’s meal especially in the Southern area. I can tell that, it is not only an affordable meal but also a healthy meal as you can add vegetables and some seasoning to make it flavorful.  So I have the thought that if there is no enough supply of rice, most people will starve especially the needy ones.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (It is no doubt)
  • First point, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Example, Linking phrase (According to my history class)
  • Additional example’s point, Linking phrase (I can tell that)
  • Opinion, Linking phrase (So I have the thought that)


  1. Do you want to be a farmer in the future?

Answer: Farming is a decent job, I highly respect them and without farmers we will have no supply of crops, however, in my personal view point, I don’t think it is a suitable job for me due to the reason that I want to be a good doctor. I have been an aspiring doctor since I was a kid and may parents have been very supportive about it. The main reason why I want to be a doctor is because I want to help cure diseases all over China and to help spread health awareness to people. I respect farmers but being a farmer is not something I have thought of doing in the future.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, Linking phrase (however, in my personal view point)
  • Reason, linking phrase (due to the reason that)
  • Another Point, Linking phrase(The main reason why)
  • Opinion
  1. What do you think of farmers?

Answer: Well, honestly speaking I have a high respect to our farmers and I have few points to justify my opinion. First thing is that, farming is a difficult task, it takes so much energy and patience. As we know, farming is a physical job where it requires you to carry heavy crops and equipment, dig the soil, water the plants, etc. Another point here is that, they only earn less but still they are contented of their life. They feel blessed when they have good and abundant crops as they can make a living and serves as their source of food as well. So, I must say that the government must also pay attention to our farmers’ need because they serve an important role in our industry. Without them we will have no supply of vegetables and fruits.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking Phrase (Well, honestly speaking)
  • First point, Linking phrase (First thing is that)
  • Reason, linking phrase (As we know)
  • Additional, Linking phrase(Another point here is that)
  • Opinion, Linking Phrase (So, I must say that)