August 2018 IELTS Speaking Exam Questions & Recommended Responses

Part 1
Do you have good friends?

Actually, I’m not quite sure if I have good friends. But I can tell you that I have a few close friends, and they are people that I’ve known way back in primary school and  a few more I have met all throughout secondary and university days. We consult everything and keep almost no secrets from each other.


Do you like long trips? Why?

Certainly, I would definitely say I’m a big fan of long trips. But in particular, I generally prefer long trips to the countryside. This is probably because, I could see a lot of trees, mountains and various body of waters along the way and these things actually are very calming. And I shouldn’t forget to mention that countryside trips let you enjoy fresh air and allow you to enjoy a a relaxed atmosphere. I suppose the reason behind this has something to do with the fact that nature is definitely a natural stress reliever and gives you the chance to escape from the busy city life.


How often do you go for long trips?

To tell you the truth, I have to say that it would really depend on the situation, like for instance  if I am too busy for work then it would be possible that I would only go on overnight trips or just take a quick break. Whereas in contrast if it was the holiday season then I would most likely be on the road for several days, and that is because I will be taking advantage of not having to think about work and just as I said, long trips to the countryside is truly a pleasure for me.


What are the advantages of long trips?

Obviously, there are positive features of long trips but it goes without saying that the most apparent would  be the chance to allow me to catch up on my sleep. This is favorable because cars, trains and bus rides allow me sleep, because I think the vibrating and humming sounds  from these transports / vehicles make me feel like I’m being lulled to sleep. As well as this a further favorable aspect would be that long trips offer scenic views, fresh air and some healthy dose of vitamin D. Clearly, because of tall these it generally lets us feel good and be in a relaxed state of mind.

What makes your hometown special?

Well there’s definitely a variety of things I could tell you that makes my hometown special but I think the local food should be a good way to start. As you may know, my hometown is famous for its food, whether it’s a fancy restaurant or an old family owned restaurant, almost all of them serve delicious and one of a kind food. The reason as to why is because the local people love to experiment with different flavors and the influence of culture as well. The taste of the city is in its food, and this is what makes it unforgettable to its residents and tourists.


What did you want to be when you were a child?

Actually, this question is something I’ve not thought about for a long time. For some reason, I feel that I should just let it go since I’m now an adult but if you must know as a child I wanted to be a flight attendant. Mainly, because I thought they lived a life of adventure since they traveled so often and their work required them to always maintain a presentable appearance. As innocent as I was, I assumed that becoming an FA was easy and fun and therefore I found it an intriguing lifestyle. In conclusion, I may not have achieved what my childhood dream was but I’ve still accomplished so much and I guess I can say that I’m absolutely okay with that.


What kind of jobs do people do in your country?

Well as you know, there  is an assortment of jobs that people do in my country and I will tell you about the one that I’m familiar with. To begin with, one of the most common jobs in my country is being a salesperson in either Business toBusiness or Business to Consumer environments. This kind of job is what most people in my country do because of the fact that it does pay well and it can assure you job security since companies  rely on more sales revenue to grow and being in sales can also  lead you towards a management position in the future.



Part 2
Describe something which you have learned outside school

What it is?

When and where did you learn about it?

How did you benefit from it?


Initially then I’d like to get started to share with you  the one worthwhile thing I’ve learned outside of school and I think I would have to say it is my presentation skills . what I would also like to add here is that  presentation skills being taught in school is completely different to what I learnt in real life and this is maybe due to the fact that in school when you  learn about how to make a presentation, it is merely to fulfill a certain exam or assignment. Whereas in the real world,  knowing how to present well would make a significant difference to your career path and social life.

Going forward with when and where I learned about it and what I have to mention here is that this was during my final days at school when I got an opportunity to work as an intern for a company  in the city I lived. Being an intern opened a lot of ideas and knowledge for me and most likely because it was in a totally different environment. I was also challenged to make presentations to various stakeholders, and I quite enjoyed this steep learning curve.

As a final point, when I think about how I benefited from this learning, let me emphasize here that it was an absolutely useful experience & skill to be equipped with because of the fact that it helped me be prepared for my future career path. This is due to the fact that I was made aware that people are making presentations almost every day. If you think about it, trying to convince your mother to give you some pocket money is a mini presentation itself. Therefore, if you understand the correct framework to present your case, with solid justification and relevance included, you would have a high chance of convincing people around you. Adding to this, I was exposed to different personalities which gave me an idea about what kind of presentation styles would work effectively for certain group of people. I believe, it has been very helpful.


Describe a Day out that cost you nothing

With whom did you go?

What activities did you do?

What are the things that don’t cost you a lot of money?


So I guess I could kick off by telling you about a day out that cost me nothing and I think I’d have to go for that holiday I had in my hometown 2 months ago. What I would like to add is that it was a wonderful vacation and I was devastated when it was about to end. Now on the subject of who I went with and what I would like to share is that my sister accompanied me. And what I would also like to add here is that we decided to walk around our hometown during that fine summer day because we’ve missed it so much.

Going to the point about what activities we did and I want to state once more that our hometown is familiar to us but we haven’t had much time to do the things we did so I guess I could say that this was a memorable one for us. One of the many things we did was to sit at the nearby town’s park and just watch people pass by. This was quite nostalgic to us because of the fact that we did this exact same thing when we were small and it felt just the same back then. Another activity we did was eating ice cream just outside the park and this is due to the fact the old ice cream shop was still there and it was just fitting to taste the tantalizingly delicious stuff again. It added a sense of belongingness for us since this was one of our favorite places to go to back then.

As a final point, if you want me to talk about the first thing that comes to my mind that doesn’t cost a lot of money and I would have to say it would be our smiles. I thought about smile because it is literally for free and it’s a matter of choice that we give it to ourselves and to others. Smiling can certainly brighten someone’s day and it’s for free and there is an abundance of them to give. To add to this, another thing that I reckon does not cost anything is our happy memories. Because of our happy memories, we are motivated to make more of them, especially with our loved ones.


Part 3

What do children learn from their parents?

To tell you the truth there are heaps of things that children would learn from their parents and the most important one I would like to begin with is the ability to persevere. One of the things my parents taught me is to be strong in all challenges that life could throw at me. The reason why they instilled it upon me is probably because it’s what kept them through as well in life. In addition to this, another crucial skill children would learn from their parents are different family values. This will make children become responsible adults both to their friends and family members. As a result of this, the society could become more harmonious and orderly.


Do you think learning is the most important thing in a person’s life?

Frankly speaking, I would say that learning is the most important thing in our lives. For example I firmly believe getting up from falling down is  proves this. This could be because, I think when you rise up from falling, its meant to prove that you’ve gained wisdom, experience and basically learned a lesson the hard way. Additionally, as things around us change and evolve constantly, such as technology & behaviors, we would need to constantly adapt to these changes through learning. Take technology for example, both the young and elderly generations are learning how to use smart phones and computers as the way we shop and communicate are being closely intertwined within them. All in all, it’s safe to say that we should be constantly  learning to both stay ahead of the competition and to stay relevant in the society.


Do you think today’s generation uses their knowledge properly?

If truth be told, I would say that today’s generation don’t really seem to be making practical use of their knowledge. The reason I am saying this is because the current generation have various influences that surround them. Their parents may be one source of learning but there are several more outside our homes. For example, our peers whom we spend more time with especially during the adolescent stage of our lives. As this is something unavoidable, I reckon parents should take advantage of encouraging children to choose the people they connect with. Since, it is possible that we are affected by whom with share our time, ideas and experiences with. Additionally, the influence of technology is also affecting how the current generation utilize their knowledge. This is because many existing theories being taught in schools are slowly becoming obsolete, and therefore there would be less opportunities to practically use them in the society.


Where do people usually go for outings?

Surely without a doubt, I can say that the decision around where people would go on outings would really depend on the situation. For example, if the weather didn’t agree with what was planned, then an indoor resort would have to be considered as a solution. On the contrary, if the weather was excellent the park, beach or a mountain resort will definitely be perfect for an outing. After all, an “outing” should really be spent in the outdoors right?


Does Weather affect outings?

Certainly, I am sure that most people would agree that the weather is a major influencing factor for outings. The main reason is probably because when the weather is great everything will be more convenient from transportation and the venue selected. For example, if the weather is perfectly sunny, there would be less traffic congestions and plenty of open space for people to safely enjoy. A secondary factor is that having a good weather can surely make the day more productive for outdoor activities. This is because there would be a lot more activities that are available during a fine day, otherwise activities such as mountain climbing would definitely be too dangerous to perform if it is rainy. In conclusion, I can definitely say that the weather can have a big effect in a planned outing.


Why do some people like to stay home during holidays?

Well in my opinion I guess I would have to say that there are several reasons as to why some people stay home during holidays and the chief cause might be that they are very much aware of the traffic situation during this peak period. This is because a lot of people would want to take this opportunity to travel outside of their city, and this would lead to traffic congestions. In addition to this, because there would be an overwhelming number of people looking to spend holiday times at similar locations, the associated costs in regard to air fares and accommodations would also skyrocket. And to avoid it, staying home is the be an acceptable alternative.


July 2018 – Recent IELTS Speaking Exam questions & suggested responses

Beautiful business woman.


IELTS Speaking Part 1

Do you wear a watch daily?

Well in reality I suppose that to some extent, I wear a watch on most occasions but not on a daily basis. Especially nowadays with many people carrying cellphones that shows time and date, there’s even less requirement to wear a watch. So all in all, I guess my answer would have to be a yes and a no.

What is the importance of punctuality in your culture?

Actually, punctuality is essential in my culture and the first thing I should mention is that being punctual is a sign of respect. This is most likely because valuing other people’s time shows that we value them as a person.

Do you like to stick to a plan while traveling?

Of course, I think I’d have to say that a well planned trip is sensible. To be more accurate, having an itinerary is useful. I suppose the reason has something to do with the fact that when you are travelling, time is very limited and there are numerous places to see. Having an itinerary would help you navigate efficiently and be disciplined with how long you should stay in each place.

How was your first day at work?

If you must know how my first day at work was, let me start by saying that it was an extremely productive day. I think this is mainly because of the people I was working with, as they were approachable and kind enough to help me out throughout the whole day. And I believe the reason behind this is that they’d like to maintain the strong supportive and positive culture in the office which is one of the company’s core values.

Do you often get bored?

Quite frankly, I would say I don’t get bored often. As a matter of fact, I reckon I haven’t had any chance to get bored since I’m always preoccupied with work and household chores that would require my full attention. Adding to this, there are technologies such as the internet, mobile games and social apps to keep you busy. To sum it all up, getting bored rarely happens these days for me.


What do you do when you get bored?

In actual fact, I imagine that it would have to depend on the situation, like for instance, if there is really not much to do, then I would definitely go read a book or watch a movie. Whereas in contrast if I get bored because I’m doing something routine then I would definitely do something different for a while or take a breather.


Why do people get bored so much these days?

In all honesty, I think there are variety of reasons why people get bored so much these days and I suppose the main one is due to the wide use of technology and apps. First of all, the increased use of social media apps is actually resulting in less face times between family and friends. Therefore, this social isolation is adding to the boredom and loneliness of many people nowadays. In addition to this, another major reason is the high efficiency technology & apps are bringing to our lives, and this has resulted in people having more spare time or downtime which could lead them to boredom. As a result, these two factors are causing our attention span to be shortened further.


Part 2 IELTS Speaking

Talk about a situation when you helped someone.

-who was it?

-how did you help?

-why did you help?

Well, in relation to this question, I would like to share with you about time I helped out my college friend some months ago.
Answering the question on how I helped her, let me just say that she’s actually a fairly strong and independent woman and I just asked her out for coffee one afternoon and asked her how she was. It just happens that she was experiencing some personal problems and we realized that having to let her talk about it really helped a lot. I suppose this is one of the main reasons why we’ve gotten closer since then.

Finally then, I would like to explain the reason why I decided to help her although she is a strong willed person and I’d like to point out the main trigger was because she was expressing dangerous signs of depression, which had me extremely worried. and what I need to emphasize here is that for me it is but natural to be there for someone. Especially when that someone is one of the people you care most. As a person that believes deeply in the power of positive influence, I think by doing something good for others will create a sense of positiveness around me and a strong sense of accomplishment.


Describe a time when you visited a Street Market

1) Where is it?

2) Why you choose it?

3) What did you buy?

Well, in relation to this question, I will tell you about a prominent street market found in the capital city of my country, which is called Paddy’s Market. Now in regards to why I decided to choose this street market and what I need to mention here is that this is the place where you will find incredible deals for gadgets, affordable clothes, shoes and everything else that you can think of. To add to this, it is the most accessible street market in the city because of the fact that a large variety of public transport can reach this part of the city. Finally, I definitely want to share with you that I bought a fantastic summer dress during my last visit. And I couldn’t be happier because I think I got a steal given that this dress was excellent in quality and the design is just one of a kind.


Part 3 IELTS Speaking

How do grandparents help?

Well in my view, I suppose I would say that grandparents add tremendous amount of value to our day to day lives. They will have more time to bond with their grandkids and this is really beneficial because the grandchildren will be able to receive the necessary care & attention that are important as a part of growing up. To be more precise the extra love and care will give the grandkids an assurance while they grow as individuals.


What is your role in helping your family?

If I have to tell you about the role I play in helping my family, I think the most value I add is through my role as a messenger between my family members. I suppose this is making a significant positive impact to everyone because I would make sure each family member’s feelings are being relayed to the others, so we can celebrate every new success, shed a tear of laughter together. This further cements the bonding between my family.. To sum it all, my role in helping my family gives me a feeling of fulfillment and I wouldn’t be able to do so if it wasn’t for their love and support.


Do you participate in household work?

Well to be honest, household work is something that I dread to do. And the reason behind it is that, it just doesn’t stop at sweeping and dusting. The reality of it is, you have to do it again and again. And for sure, you would agree that it isn’t fun if you have to do it repeatedly. But having said that, I do participate in cooking food because I have a passion to creating tantalizingly delicious meals for people to enjoy.


What is the need and importance of international cooperation among countries?

Well, in actual fact the need and importance of international cooperation among countries is highly essential. First and foremost, if there’s cooperation among countries, a lot of international concerns could be addressed peacefully and this is because with close partnership issues can be resolved timelier and challenges could be overcome sooner. In addition to this, countries that cooperate together will definitely have a great impact globally and this could be because it can create good alliances and exhibit as a good role model for other countries to follow. I guess, it would be safe to say that when countries cooperate, a more harmonious relationship can come out of it.


Where do people go for shopping these days?

I guess I could say that it would really depend on the situation, for example if people feel like there’s not enough budget for shopping then they would more likely go to thrift shops or stores that offer discounts on goods. The possible reason could be because they’re aware that they need to adjust to their budget. On the contrary, if money wasn’t an issue then they would more likely be going to their favorite signature brands in the shopping malls.

Is online shopping better than going to the shopping mall?

Well obviously,, there are a number of underlying differences here however the most significant would be the convenience that online shopping provides. To be more precise, shopping online is just a few taps on your smartphone while you’re in the comforts of your home. whereas on the other hand having to go all the way to the shopping mall for a single item could be troublesome as you have to travel back and forth. However, you also have to understand that going to a shopping mall does give consumers the opportunity to experience and try the goods, rather than relying purely on pictures on the internet. I suppose this gives people a sense of assurance on the quality and suitability of the product they are intending to purchase.

Why parents need to teach children about savings?

Generally, it’s my belief that parents should train up a child around the need to save and the main reason why they need to teach  this important skill is because children have to be responsible when it comes to handling money matters. This ensures a good habit can be embedded within the child so the chance of making mistakes around money can be greatly reduced in the future. At the same time another reason could be that parents would want their children to know how significant it is to have some money set aside for rainy days or if an unexpected event occurs.


What are the differences between the shopping behavior of men and women?

Unquestionably, there are a range of potential distinctions here but I would say the most fundamental would be that men are more specific and certain on the items they want to purchase when they go shopping, and this might be because most men see shopping as a duty. While on the other hand, most women find shopping to be relaxing and fun. I suppose this is most likely because  choosing from a variety of items can actually be enjoyable and gives them a chance to catch up with friends during shopping trips.