1. Do you write many letters or emails?

Answer :   Well, I am still a student so I would say that I seldom write letters or emails due to the reason that I usually use WeChat or QQ to send a messages or to talk to my family and friends. Perhaps, I only use email to send my homework to my professor at the University. So, all in all email is just something I use for sending files or documents for school work.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • Reason, Linking phrase (due to the reason that)
  • Additional information, Linking word (Perhaps)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (So all in all)


  1. Who do you usually write to?

Answer: I don’t write to anyone except from my University professors.  I normally write to my professors because of the reason that I am required to submit my homework through email. More than that, there are files or documents attached to it so it is best to send it through email. In a word, modern technology has been widely used in most of schools in China.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • Reason, Linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Additional information, Linking phrase (More than that)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (In a word)


  1.   Do you prefer to write letters by hand or use a computer?

Answer: If I will choose between the two,  I strongly prefer to use a computer because of the fact that typing can save time rather that writing by hand, what is more, I can easily delete errors and I can save my files for back up. Therefore, there is no doubt computer is more beneficial that hand writing.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I strongly prefer)
  • Reason, Linking phrase (because of the fact that)
  • Additional reason, linking phrase (What is more)
  • Summary, Linking word (therefore)
  1.  What are the differences between emails and letters?

Answer:  There is a huge difference between these two. Let me start with the letter, it is printed or handwritten on actual paper and sent through the mail. On the contrary,  an email is typed on a computer, tablet or smartphone and sent electronically. While emails have become a more popular way of communication for individuals and businesses, traditional letters still have a place in today’s modern, tech-oriented society.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First Point, Linking phrase (Let me start with)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (On the contrary)
  • Summary


  1.    Is it hard to think of what to write?

Answer:  That’s a tough question!  But I would say that it depends on what type of content you will write. If it’s a personal letter I guess that it is just a piece of cake as you can be informal with your letter. On the other hand, if it’s a business or school related emails it might be a little tough since you must meet certain standards and be formal in writing. So, it will still vary according to its purpose.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Answer
  • First point, linking phrase (I guess that)
  • Second point, Linking phrase (On the other hand)
  • Summary



Describe a decision made by others that you disagreed with

You should say:

  • What it was
  • When and where it happened
  • Who made the decision
  • And explain why you disagreed



I seldom have a disagreement with others so I couldn’t forget the time when we had a small argument with my friend. You know, I have been friends with Tom for 7 years and last National holiday we decided to go on a concert in Beijing. If I can vividly remember, it was held in a place called Bird’s Nest which is a huge stadium. I have learned that it’s the largest stadium and it can accommodate 100 thousand people. I expected a lot of rush, so I suggested Tom that we should go there by subway to avoid traffic congestion, but he thought there are too many people on the subway so he wanted to drive there instead. He insisted what he thought was better and I couldn’t longer disagree as he looked upset about my suggestion. But guess what? We ended up getting stuck on the road because of unimaginable cars on the street. We were caught up on the street approximately 2km to the stadium where we had to park our car far away and walk to the venue. I felt bad about Tom because of the fact that driving there was all his ideas. I didn’t talk to him until we got to the stadium but later he apologized for being a nag. On the other hand, we enjoyed the concert. We got free ballers and T-shirt from the concert. By the end of the day, Tom and I are still good friends.


Answer Overview:

The disagreement with TOM topic falls  under the category of  a SITUATION/ACTIVITY. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer above, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the friend’s name, the day, the location, and the situation that took place. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

Linking Words and Phrases:

  • You know, If I can vividly remember, I have learned that, because of the fact that, On the other hand, By the end of the day



  1.    What skills are necessary when making decisions?

Answer: That’s a tough question, I never thought about it before! As we know making decision is one of the hardest thing to do in life. One skill I can think of is the ability to digest and evaluate information is key. This might include the need to formulate questions to request and research more information. Another skill we must consider is time management, it is essential in striking a balance between timeline to getting enough information to make a decision and the urgency of making a decision.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (One skill I can think of is)
  • Supporting details
  • Second point, linking phrase (Another skill we must consider)
  • Supporting details


  1.   How can people improve their decision-making skills?

Answer: There are two keys to enhance quick decision-making. The first key I would like to suggest is, the pattern recognition, playing chess can be the best way to enhance this. By playing this game you be able to ability to quickly identify and react to established patterns. Having played tens of thousands of hours of chess, grandmasters have a much richer number of patterns stored along with corresponding moves. Next key that I think is effective is risk tolerance, it is the degree to which you are willing to accept the consequences of making a bad decision. Just like how you handle potential failure. If the perceived consequences are high then you are more likely to hesitate.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First point, linking phrase (the first key i would suggest is)
  • Supporting details
  • Second point, linking phrase (Next key that I think is effective is)
  • Supporting detail


  1. How do you think computers will change the way people make decisions?

Answer: This is a good question, I think I can come up with only one way on how it affects our decision-making. The primary influence is that, it would provide more insight for the person make the decision and let them choose whatever call they think is best. You know, if people have a problem they can’t figure out they’ll just google it and get more information regarding their problem or go on something like Quora to get another person’s view on the problem. Take me as an example, I use the computer to search further information about the University I plan to attend to in the future. I get to compare the benefits and rates of each schools and it really helped me choosing the right University.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Main Point, linking phrase (The primary influence is that)
  • Supporting detail, Linking phrase (You know)
  • Example, linking phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Do parents in your country allow their children to make important decisions about the future?

Answer: Definitely yes! Although, making decision is a tough choice I am glad that parents in China give their kids the opportunity to explore the world and be independent. They allow their child make a decision and guide them through it. More than that, they support their child’s choice and make sure they achieve their goals. Take me as an example, my parents allowed me to choose which major course and University I plan to attend to. I felt overjoy and free as they gave me the freedom to be what I wanted to be.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response,
  • Answer, linking word (Although)
  • Supporting detail
  • Example, linking phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Do you think that parents should make important decisions for their children?

Answer:  I disagree with this statement. I don’t think parents must take over their children’s freedom of choice, this is a horrible idea for parents to do. This is mainly because they must give their children a chance to choose and learn from their own decisions. By this means, children can learn how to be independent and become mature. Perhaps, parents must only be a guide and support for their kids but not the one to choose their child’s career path. Most parents’ who’s been taking over their children’s life decisions are most likely  to have a rebellious child so I won’t suggest parents to take their children’s freedom to choose.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Main Point, linking phrase (this is mainly because)
  • Supporting details, linking phrase (by this means)
  • Supporting detail, linking word (perhaps)
  • Supporting detail

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