Latest Part 1 – Jewelry

What’s your attitude toward jewelry?

Answer:  As a lady, jewelry plays an important role in my fashion world this is due to the reason that jewelry adds color to my clothing and makes my outfit looks elegant. For instance, I usually wear my silver-plated earrings and my silver bracelet when I go out. It may be simple but it looks classic.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (As a lady)
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (due to the reason that)
  • Example, Linking phrase (For instance)
  • Summary


  1. What kind of jewelry do you like to buy?

Answer: Well, I don’t really like accessorizing a lot but I like wearing earrings most because of the reason that earrings makes my face looks more attractive. You know, it can make me look more sassy. Therefore, I can say that earrings is a must whenever I go out.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • Reason, linking phrase (because of the reason that)
  • Another point, linking phrase (You know)
  • Summary, Linking word (Therefore)


  1. Why do so many people choose to buy expensive jewelry to maintain value?

Answer:   Well, I haven’t thought of that question but I guess that fancy jewelry is part of a person’s status in life. This is common for those wealthy people, they normally buy luxurious jewelries to show off. Diamonds for instance, diamonds are one of the most expensive jewelry worn by most women, if you wear diamonds in a party you will look exquisite. All in all, expensive jewelries are for those rich people.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (But I guess) Answer
  • Reason (This is common for those wealthy people)
  • Example, linking phrase (Diamonds for instance)
  • Summary, Linking phrase (All in all)


  1. How often do you wear jewelry?

Answer:  I am a lady so I would say that I frequently wear simple jewelry when I go out such as a pair of earrings and a watch this is because of the reason that it adds intensity to my overall outfit. For instance, when I hang out with my friends I must wear these accessories because most of my friends are fashionable so I must fit in. Basically, jewelry is just part of our fashion trend.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response and Answer
  • Reason, Linking Phrase (this is because of the reason that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (For instance)
  • Summary, Linking word (Basically)



One of the major themes in Part 2 is to describe an OBJECT/ITEM. Here are some of OBJECT?ITEM topics  that correspond to this theme:

  • Describe an important invention
  • Describe a website you like to visit


Describe an important invention

You should say:

What it is

Why it is important

How popular it is in different ages

And explain how you feel about it



To start with, we live in a modern technology where new things are invented here and there but the most impeccable invention I would like to talk about is a mobile application called Uber. Uber is a n online ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes, day or night. One of the benefits is that, there’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit card or cash whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. In addition to that, Uber is very accessible as it is available in more than 500 cities worldwide. Most importantly, using Uber offers much better value than taking a regular cab as for the reason that cabs are being ran by meters. If my memory serves me right, this app has been operating for over 2 years now and I find it very helpful for the reason that it made my trip to Hongkong convenient. You know, I wasn’t familiar with the places in Hongkong as it is my first time to go there but Uber made it easier for me to move to one place to another. In a nutshell, Uber App is one of the most essential invention created on this generation especially for people who likes travelling like me.


Answer Overview

The Uber app topic falls under the category of  an OBJECT/ITEM theme. The context consist of three parts: Introduction, body content and the Summary. Basing from the answer above, you can see several important ideas mentioned such the Uber’s description, functions,  benefits and personal experience. Also, linking phrases were included to connect the sentences better.

Linking Phrase

  • To start with, One of the benefits is that, In addition to that, for the reason that,  Most importantly, if my memory serves me right, You know, In a nutshell



  1. What do you think is the most important equipment in schools?

Answer:    At school, one of the most essential equipment is computer. As we know, computer is already a part of modern teaching, teachers can use PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to present their lectures in class. By doing so, the lecture can be more fascinating and fun than just simply talking in front of the students. What is more, computer is used by students to make their research and do their paper works. Take me as an example, I use Microsoft Office to deal with my homework as I can just copy paste some information on the internet such as pictures or some important details I need to complete my assignment. As a matter of fact, most schools has their own computer facility usually located in the library where students can use it for free.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (As we know)
  • Additional Point, Linking Phrase (By doing so)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (What is more)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?

Answer: I can say that there are plenty of useful technology out there but I guess that electricity is the most valuable invention. This is because of the fact that we can do everything with electricity. An example for that is, running our household chores such as doing the laundry and cooking. Another point here is that, without electricity life will be gloomy. Obviously speaking, electricity makes everything work, without electricity most of our devices such as printers, computers, TV and radio won’t function.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I can say that), Answer
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (This is because of the fact that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (An example for this is)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (Another point here is that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Obviously speaking)


  1. Do you think there will be no teachers to teach in schools in the future?

Answer:  I don’t think so, the school will still stick with traditional classroom teaching because of the reason that it has several benefits than online learning. First benefit is that, face to face communication with a teacher give a student the ability to ask questions or clarify a certain topic in an instant. In our school for instance, we normally raise our hand whenever we need to clarify something to our teacher and the teacher can answer us back with no delay. The second thing we must consider is that, if there will be no teachers to educate, schools will no longer exist and if that happens most children won’t be able to  socialize with others. Take me as an example, I gained most of my friends at school and they are good friends of mine until now, if I didn’t attend school I won’t be able to meet them.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (I don’t think so), Answer Linking Phrase (because of the reason that)
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (First benefit is that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (In our school for instance)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (The second thing we must consider is that)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)


  1. Do you think those inventions make people lazier? Why?

Answer:   There is no doubt that indeed it made people sluggish. As far as I am concern, due to the rapid development of technology people’s life has become more convenient, as a result, people get used of this convenience which make people more inactive. As we know, technology has brought comfort and made our lives easier where people become dependent to different devices and equipment. I am guilty of this statement, as I am too much attached with my mobile phone. I can sit all day playing mobile games, scrolling through Facebook or playing videos on YouTube. It’s embarrassing to admit that this made my life sedentary.


Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (There is no doubt)
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (As far as I am concern)(As a result)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (You know)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (I am guilty f this statement)
  • Additional Information


  1. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of inventions at home?

Answer: Apparently, it is distinct that there are benefits and drawbacks of the technologies we use at home. Let me start with the positive side, the good thing about having these equipment and devices is that they made our lives handy, also, it saves our time and lessen our burden especially those heavy house chores. Such like doing the laundry, instead of using our bare hands to wash our clothes we have what we so called Washing Machine to do this job for us, whereas, we just simply need to fill it in with water and detergent and viola! It will do its magic. By contrast, the negative part of it is that it damages our environment because of the fact that it emit some chemicals or gases which may lead to pollution. Air conditioners as an example, it use a lot of electricity where it generalized environmental disadvantages caused by power production. Because a large percentage of electricity is created by coal-burning power plants, air conditioning contributes indirectly to the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Answer Overview:

  • Long response, Linking phrase (Apparently, it is distinct that)
  • First Reason, Linking Phrase (let me start with)(Also)
  • Example, Linking Phrase (Such like)(whereas)
  • Second Point, Linking Phrase (By contrast)
  • Example, Linking phrase (Air conditioners as an example)

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