One of the major themes in Part 2 is to describe an object / item. Here are some of object /item topics  that correspond to this theme:

  • Describe your favorite piece of clothing 
  • Describe a time that you had a free gift 
  • Describe a gift that you recently gave to others 


Cue Card:

Describe your favorite piece of clothing

You should say:

What it is

How often do you wear it

What it looks like

And explain why it is your favorite clothing



To be honest, I’m not much of a clothes horse and not very interested in fashion so at first, I thought this topic might be quite hard. However, I’ve thought of one. I’ll tell you what it is, when and why I bought it and why I like it so much. The item is in itself unremarkable, it is a coat which is dark blue in color, and it’s made out of a lightweight, waterproof material, which makes it perfect for wearing at this time of year here in the Australia. I can still vividly remember that I bought the coat last year at the beginning of autumn when the weather started to get colder. It was easy to buy because I had had the exact same coat before, my old coat was starting to look a bit worn out, so I decided to buy a new version. As I knew which size I needed, I simply went online and found the best offer in a shopping website, and it was delivered to my house a few days later. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing this coat a lot at the moment, it’s my everyday coat for going to work  or for any other reason. The reason why I like this coat is that it’s so practical and functional. In addition to that it’s waterproof and it keeps me warm, but it also comes in handy for carrying things like my phone, wallet, loose change, a pen, and even a notebook; I tend to fill my pockets with whatever I can. In a nutshell, this coat is very useful and my favorite clothing so far.


Answer Overview:

The coat topic is suitable for the Object / Item theme. You can use the details provided above to describe your cue card, however, you must fit-in the right key points according to what’s given to you. For instance, you are given a topic to “Describe a gift that you recently gave to others”, you can replace some information above to suit your subject. Same goes with the other cue cards. You can pretend that the coat is something you bought as a present to a friend or a family member  (anyhow, the examiner don’t care about the truth, they care about your language).

Linking phrases/words used:

  • To be honest, However, I’ll tell you what it is, I can still vividly remember that, As a matter of fact, In addition tot hat, In a nutshell




  1. Do people in your country like to go shopping?

Answer: Absolutely, there is no doubt that people in China like shopping a lot especially young ladies. They go shopping almost every day, as a matter of fact, this has become their addiction because ones they see something attractive they will buy it in an instant or some just go for window shopping. Take me as an example, I often buy something at the shopping mall whenever I see something that attracts me. On the other hand, shopping is a stress reliever for most people. Let’s say for instance my aunt, whenever she is stress  or gloomy she will buy a new pair of shoes. She is a shoe addict and a new pair of shoes can enlighten her day.

Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response, Linking phrase (Absolutely, there is no doubt that)
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (As a matter of fact), Reason
  • Example from the first point, Linking Phrase (Take me as an example)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (On the other hand), Reason
  • Example from the second point (Let’s say for instance)


  1. Why do people like/dislike buying clothing?

Answer: I would say that the reasons for these are very distinct. I would like to start with people who like purchasing clothes, they buy different piece of clothing because of the reason that it is their nature, usually these are young ladies. Young ladies now a days are curious about the latest fashion trend so they want to always fit in. My friends are a good example, whenever we go to the shopping mall they can’t help but to buy clothes they find attractive. By contrast, there are people who seldom buy clothes, usually these are guys who don’t care about the fashion world and would  prefer playing computer games or drinking with their buddies. Just like my cousin, he spends most of his time playing DOTA at home he only have new clothes when someone give him a gift.

Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response, Linking phrase (I would say that)
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (I would like to start with), Reason
  • Example from the first point, Linking Phrase (My friends are a good example)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (By contrast), Reason
  • Example from the second point (Just like my cousin


  1. What kinds of clothing do people in your country like to wear?

Answer: Fashion is very essential for millennials as it represents their lifestyle and well-being. As you know,  in China young people normally wear skirts or shorts and tank tops, they usually show much of their skin because to them they find it cute and sexy. I have a thought that, this fashion trend they have is like a revenge of their strict custom as they are known to be conservative especially in ancient times. On the contrary, adults dress according to their age, they wear casual dress or shirt and jeans with a sense of style. Most likely, you can see them wearing branded bags or shoes to showcase their sense of fashion. You know, I have seen famous Chinese stars who have a great sense of style on TV, the look fancy!

Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (As you know), Reason
  • Additional points, Linking Phrase (I have thought that)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (On the contrary), Reason
  • Additional point (Most Likely)


  1. How often do people in your country buy clothes?

Answer: Impulsive buying is very common for Chinese. Can you believe that people in my country usually buy clothes almost every week or once in two weeks. This is due to the fact that in China you can buy affordable clothes in the shopping mall or online. Once they get attracted to a certain piece of clothing they will just purchase it in an instance. Another reason for this is because clothes have become a basic necessity especially for women. Especially that we’re influenced with fashion industry, more and more women are too curious about how they look, being fashionable is just part of their well-being


Answer Overview:

  • Introduction/Long response
  • First Point, Linking Phrase (Can you believe that), Reason
  • Additional points, Linking Phrase (This is due to the fact that)
  • Second Point, Comparative Phrase (Another reason for this is), Reason
  • Additional point (Especially that)

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