Here’s the second batch of PLACES in Part 2 that corresponds to this theme:

  • Describe a quiet place
  • Describe a cafe which you have been to
  • Describe a meal (dinner or lunch) you would like to have
  • Describe an occasion that you received a good service from a restaurant or shop.
  • Describe a kind of foreign food you have had
  • Describe an experience that you are not allowed to use your mobile phone

Cue Card:

Describe a cafe which you have been to

You should say:

Where this cafe is

What type of food the cafe has

Why you go to this cafe

And explain why you like this cafe/ why this café impresses you


To begin with, I like going to go to public places such as a coffee shop/ café/ restaurant/ bar during my leisure time. A friend of mine, David, opened his own cafe which is situated in an open-air rooftop in one of the huge buildings in my hometown. If I can vividly remember, he first opened this shop three months ago, I was amazed of his café because my friend David put a lot of effort into his wonderful rooftop garden. The cool thing about this place is that it’s on the 30th stories and the most interesting part of it is the 360-degree view. In addition to that, the place is filled with plenty of flowers and plants so the cafe looks really colorful and natural. I can say that, it’s a great place to go on a sunny weekend afternoon because you can sunbathe while being surrounded by flowers and plants. Hence, I like to go there on the weekends because it’s really peaceful, I can read a book, drink some tea and just gaze at the city view. In my mind, this garden is really cozy where you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city life.  To sum up, it’s one of my favorite cafe when I’m in town which I highly recommend to people and my friends when they visit my homeland.


Answer Overview:

Cafe topic is suitable for the PLACE theme. You can use the details provided above to describe your cue card, however, you must fit-in the right key points according to what’s given to you. For instance, you are given a topic to “Describe a quiet place”, you can replace some information above to suit your subject. Same goes with the other cue cards.

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