1. What TV programs are you interested in?

Answer: It’s hard to say because like different types of programs that involves entertainment such as reality shows. The main reason why I like reality TV programs, specifically Ellen’s show is because I can learn different aspects of life lessons from different people and point of views. In addition to that, Ellen is very humble and humorous. Therefore, I like this program best.


Answer Overview:

We begin with a linking phrase to introduce the long response (It’s hard o say..) followed by two reasons with a corresponding linking phrase (The main reason why…, in addition to that…). Also, we included a paraphrased summary to formally close the answer.



  1. In China, have television programs changed much in recent years

Answer: That’s an interesting question! To be honest, I have no idea if there are any huge changes about TV programs, this is for the reason that, recently, I don’t watch TV programs at all ever since I got engage in using the internet. But I guess, the changes on Chinese TV shows became more entertaining because of new types of TV shows such as game shows or talent shows. Well, so I can say that there might be few changes in Chinese TV shows.


Answer Overview:

We started with an expression and a linking phrase (To be honest…). As you noticed, the answer was being frank about its idea on the question , also, we included a solid reason why to support its content. But, we included “a guess” (but I guess….) to elaborate the answer and closed it with a summary.  Note that, you can be honest on how you feel or think because this is a way to showcase your language skills and not your academic ability.



  1. When do you watch TV?

Answer: Frankly speaking, in today’s generation TV is out of the game. I personally don’t like watching TV because I prefer to watch something on YouTube or some short clips on Facebook. What is more, I am engaged of some online games and I take part in some social media activities. As a matter of fact, I only watch TV when my parents are around during dinner because they normally watch the news or some talent shows to boost their appetite in eating. So I would say that, I don’t watch TV only when my parents are home for dinner.


Answer Overview:

Linking phrase (frankly speaking..) to start the response and few statement about the person’s activity (this could include, examples and reasons) followed by a linking phrase (As a matter of fact…) of the main answer and a summary with another linking phrase (So I would say that…) to close the response.

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