One of the major themes in Part 2 is to describe a person/people. Here are the following up-to-date cue cards that corresponds to this theme:

  • Describe a thing that a wise person did/a person who gave a clever solution to a problem
  • Describe a helpful person in work or study
  • Describe a new friend you’ve made recently
  • Describe an interesting neighbor
  • Describe a family member who has had important influence on you
  • Describe a famous person that you are interested in
  • Describe a family member made you proud
  • Describe the politest person you know
  • Describe a person/something that made you laugh
  • Describe a person who you have met before and you want to know more about

Cue Card:

Describe the politest person you know

You should say:

Who this person is

When and where you know about him/her

How you know about him/her

And explain why you think he/she is a polite person
To begin with, I would like to inform you that I have met several polite people in my life including my family and friends, but the person I really consider polite is my Uncle M. You know, he is father’s good friend since they were in the University and the head of China Mobile in Changsha branch. Due to their closeness, they usually play chess and drink tea during weekends so I get to see him frequently. As a matter of fact, my dad used to work with him for 11 years and told me that he has over 3000 people working under him so he has a huge reputation and responsibility. I want to point out that, despite of his high position, Uncle M is a wonderful kind leader to his colleagues and has made Changsha branch one of the most profitable branches all over China. I would also like to add that, he is very flexible in making decisions with a wonderful vision. In addition to that, he knows how to get through to people, whether it’s his colleagues or the market. Perhaps, I often hear Uncle M and my father discussing abut business ideas where I acquired a lot of information from it. I have learned that, business and life is all equal, we have to be flexible and know how to make others feel comfortable. No matter how successful Uncle M is, he is till fair in treating his workers and most people admire his humbleness. All in all, I could say that Uncle M is the person I look up to and a person I know who is not only a good leader but also a kind person.


Answer Overview:

Uncle M’s topic is suitable for the PERSON/PEOPLE theme. You can use the details provided above to describe your cue card, however, you must fit-in the right key points according to what’s given to you. For instance, you are given a topic to “Describe a family member who has had important influence on you”, you can replace some information above to suit your subject. You can pretend that Uncle M is your father’s brother instead of your father’s friend. Same goes with the other cue cards.

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