During part 2 of the IELTS speaking component, as soon as students see the cue card questions, they should be doing the following:

  1. Topic Selection (you should select the right things to talk about as you would want to produce a good quality part 2 response). Choose something to talk about that is easy to talk about. Easy topics should have the below:
    1. Lots of features (there should be a variety of things to talk about)
    2. Be expandable (you can keep on adding points to it)
    3. Be able to include some ‘invented’ aspects. Remember, examiner will not penalise you for lying to him/her. It is OK to make up story or lie to them!
  2. Vocabulary – write down some uncommon vocabulary that are related to the topic. (can this word be used for many other topics?)
  3. Grammar point
    1. Decide the Tense (present, past or conditional tense). You do not want to lose hard-earned points over simple grammatical mistakes like tenses right??

Remember to use  plenty of lead-in phrase, linking phrase in every sentence (so the sentence can contain complex linking structures, redundant language, and complex grammar).

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