Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty frequently tested question… So we are sharing some Ideas, vocabularies & a model answer you can study, if you ever encounter this question.

Ideas and Vocabulary

  • the composition of all the parts
  • the painter has a good eye (to know when something is good)
  • perspective and symmetry (sizing and balance of all parts)
  • using a particular style or an unusual technique (skill)
  • the subject (person / landscape / animal etc)
  • the balance of colours and contrasts
  • to bring about an emotional response – it touches people
  • to evoke a memory or idea
  • impact – something you can’t take your eye off
  • historical background or relevance

Model Answer

From my perspective, I suppose a good painting is one you can’t take your eye’s off, and from my perspective, it’s either due to the colours and images or because of the emotional reaction I might have to the painting. This is largely due to the fact that I tend to like things I personally appreciate or enjoy. But of course, I also know that for other people, they think a good painting is usually because of the skill involved in painting it or because of the unique creativity of the artist. So all in all, I guess that a good painting means something different to everybody.

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