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At First English, we have created this Comprehensive, Free IELTS study & resource website to help you achieve success in IELTS. Students will find many free, up-to-date IELTS tips, blog lessons from experienced teachers and latest IELTS exam information to help them acquire band scores 6, 7, 8 & 9 in their IELTS test. So make yourself at home and let us embark on your IELTS journey together!

We strive to publish the latest IELTS exam questions along with recommended responses very regularly. This will help become familiar & well-prepared for the exam. Keep an eye out for them via our blogs!

For students that would like one-on-one IELTS speaking classes, please click here to find out more. Our experienced & super-knowledgeable tutors will be here to help you navigate each of the speaking parts successfully.


About Us

First English is one of the largest and most recognized language learning institutions, offering English language tuition and corporate training to students around the world. We have helped thousands students achieve success in major exams such as IELTS, BEC & TOEFL, as well as assisting students in our general day-to-day English, Business English & Children English classes.

First English operates across major Australian, Singaporean & Chinese cities.


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